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Entre sus mas recientes trabajos se incluyen la edicion de un dossier para Cuadernos de Historia Contemporanea, titulado "En cuerpo y alma: Rusia y Espana bajo la perspectiva transnacionalista", y el capitulo de libro "Becoming Jaime Nevares: Imagination, False Identity and Historical Misconstruction in the Communist International's Latin American Network, 1925-1979", en The Wider Arc of Revolution, editado por Choi Chatterjee, Steven Marks, Mary Neuberger y Steve Sabol (Bloomington: Indiana Press University/Slavica Publishers [en prensa]).
Language itself is ambiguous, unresolved, and conflictual in how it can be understood and this heterogeneity is ripe for misconstruction and constitutive of politics (Ranciere, 1995/1999, pp.
More importantly, to him, it is the consequence of the misconstruction of the two legal systems.
Sydney adapts the new fact into a new misconstruction.
India, March 2 -- Misconceptions and misconstruction are part and parcel of human intelligence.
They rarely occur in recitative, where the intention is generally too plain to leave room for misconstruction.
But it would be a misconstruction to read this as the husband's superior powers, an aggrandized subjectivity overriding that of the wife's .
1) That Preamble, which is virtually never printed along with the Bill of Rights, says that the reason Congress is referring the twelve proposed amendments is because "a number of the States, at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added.
This means that the arbitrator in this case must have entered an award with a manifest disregard of the law or perverse misconstruction, as the Cirilli plaintiffs assert.
engine defects, engine imperfections, accidental misconstruction of one component).
LEGAL COMMENTARY': A dissenting opinion was filed in which the dissenting judge found that the Majority misconstrued Nurse Wilcox's pretrial deposition testimony and that misconstruction led to the erroneous conclusion that the trial court properly excluded the proffered testimony of various expert witness about the meaning of Dr.
96) The dissent pointed out that "[i]n state cases, a second prosecution has been barred where the jury was discharged through the trial judge's misconstruction of the law.