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The realization that religion does not operate in straightforwardly logical fashion--and, therefore, that construing it as such actually misconstrues it--as not yet made a significant impact in contemporary academic philosophy.
However, Avery's analysis misconstrues the current scientific debate regarding children's exposure to pesticides and misrepresents our work, thereby contributing to the public misunderstanding of this important issue.
It is sad but true that the majority of the public also misconstrues these plans as decentralization.
But by repeatedly misgendering Bal as "him" in her commentary, Gabler-Hover does more than simply misinterpret an admittedly ambiguous name, she misconstrues the strong feminist agenda inherent to Bal's methodologies which unconventionally seek free play between verbal and figural domains.
Steven misconstrues his kindness and makes another pass at him, and when Christian knocks him back, the lad goes running to Ian, claiming Christian was the one making the moves.
Suggesting that we propose the "soil-only hypothesis" completely misconstrues our work.
Reducing its currents of irrationality and poetry to a tidy allegory of Vietnam ("destroying the city in order to save it"), Slotkin pointedly misconstrues the central, defining gesture in the picture: that frozen moment when the vastly outgunned Bunch find themselves in a stand-off with the Mexican army, then gleefully open fire, he interprets as a strategic miscalculation--a failure to understand Third World political culture--rather than the spasm of self-destructive bravado Peckinpah intended.