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Khan downplayed that his comments affected the Indian Army's morale and said, "My statement was misconstrued by media.
It is highly unfortunate that a section of electronic media has misconstrued my statement that the SNGPL was providing system gas to some mills at cheaper rates while providing expensive allocated RLNG supplies to others.
I think Ronald Koeman's comments about Romelu Lukaku have been misconstrued mischievously, I have to say.
Ellie Goulding was furious this week when an anecdote she told about once using an intravenous vitamin drip was misconstrued to imply she substituted food for fluids.
He said: "We offended someone once with our lyrics in America because they misconstrued the song You're Turning Into John Wayne and began shouting abuse.
The minister was responding to recent statements on BTV's approach to the 2011 events, which were deliberately exploited and misconstrued by a pro-opposition newspaper.
The minister was responding to recent statements, concerning BTV approach in dealing with the 2011 events, which were deliberately exploited and misconstrued by a pro-opposition daily only to fuel things bygone.
BY fault or design Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Society) have totally misconstrued facts concerning the proposed building of homes in Gwynedd.
You could say that it's a film in which the addicts try to pull together - but since sex is the addiction that might easily be misconstrued.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Kashmir Committee (KC) Maulana Fazlur Rehman has asked Indian leadership to refrain from intimidating Pakistan saying offer of dialogue from Pakistan be not misconstrued as weakness by India.
16, in conjunction with World Food Day, but it shouldn't be misconstrued as an emergency session, he said.
The Spaniard, who was angered by a number of decisions in the Premier League game, accepts his remarks could have been interpreted that way but feels he was misconstrued.