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The minister deplored the fact that a local daily deliberately misconstrued a statement made by Information Affairs Authority (I) mass media director instead of looking forward to the future of Bahrain.
I am shocked that my statement has been distorted and misconstrued as 'communal' and 'inciting hatred'.
The concept "It takes a village" is often misconstrued.
In Julius Caesar he finds a pattern of characters like Brutus being misunderstood or misconstrued by other characters, by audiences within the play, and by the audience of the play.
His comments were misconstrued and taken out of context," says Caldwell.
Ideally, the TAM should be withdrawn in order to prevent its being misconstrued, even for the limited purposes permitted by section 6110(j)(3).
But they are certain one thing: They do not want their observations to be misconstrued as an earthquake forecast.
The legal profession fears a "clean" response from one lawyer may be misconstrued as meaning no legal problems exist.
CU's use of the adverb "easily" may have been misconstrued and misunderstood.
The US promoter said quotes attributed to him about Lee not being ready for the best middleweight in world were misconstrued.
Washington, Aug 27 (ANI): Actress Zoe Saldana has stepped out to clarify reports that claim she suffered a mental breakdown after filming Avatar, insisting comments she made to a magazine have been misconstrued.
Sharif brothers misconstrued that Potohar and Seraiki are just names of languages, Stressing the historical importance of the Saraiki and Potohar areas he said that the history of Pakistan was associated with Potohar and Seraiki regions.