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Even though in miscue analysis (MA) the reader is not yet involved in a discussion about his miscues and reading, retrospective miscue analysis (RMA) "invites readers to reflect on their own reading process" (Goodman, 1996).
It was hypothesized that an inverse relationship would be found between text disruption adaptation scores and reading miscue scores.
Miscue Analysis is a procedure which involves collecting three pools of data which when taken together provide a detailed forensic picture of the strategies and cognitive understandings students employ to read (Goodman, Watson & Burke, 2005).
Retrospective Miscue Analysis (RMA) is an approach to reading assessment and instruction that has been in use for more than twenty years and has a history of established success (Goodman & Marek, 1996; Moore, & Aspegren, 2001; Moore & Brantingham, 2003; Paulson, 2001).
At the individual level, Miscue Analysis can provide information about whether a reader is guessing based on grapho-phonic cues, if the reader substitutes incorrect words that retain the meaning of the expected response, or if the reader understands the text (Campbell & Green, 2006).
As odd as it was to see the sure-handed Cabrera make a pair of miscues, it was even more strange to see the Twins' Nick Punto come through with the punishing blow.
Day explained what had happened to his tip that had caused the costly miscues.
The specific part of the tip which hit the cue ball didn't have a lot of chalk on it, so hence the miscue.
I became interested in Retrospective Miscue Analysis (RMA) as a process which gives readers an opportunity to see their own miscues and build upon their strengths.
The title of this book could be Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Miscue Analysis.
Typing ID and TLC reminds me of a miscue that appeared in a major association-mag story late last year.