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Comparison of the Results Related to the First Test and Final Test Word Recognition Level Word Self / Number and Percent of Repetition Correction Miscues First Test 17 miscues 21 8 Below 90% Final Test 1 miscue 13 9 %99 Comprehension Reading Reading Test Achievement Time Level First Test %50 108 Frustration words: 2.
Combined, miscue analysis and retell generate data that a teacher can use to make judgments about a student's reading that can inform future pedagogical approaches for reading teaching.
Pilot 2nd-graders had produced an average of one miscue for every eight words read.
The Grade 3 sample included only one miscue, the use of lose for loose, and the Grade 4 sample also included only one true miscue (actionally for occasionally).
In order to become more familiar with the miscue analysis procedures, it was suggested by the project leaders that I teach a small group of my Stage Three students how to complete a miscue analysis.
Because RMA evolved from miscue analysis theory and research it therefore uses miscue analysis methodology (Goodman, Watson, & Burke, 2005).
Since the period 1965 to 1974, when numerous studies investigated children's miscues during oral reading, few Miscue Analysis studies have been reported.
Day led 9-7 at the start of the final session, but had some horrendous luck as three miscues and three unfortunate in-offs gave 'The Rocket' the first five frames of the evening on his way to a 13-10 victory.
RMA is a follow up miscue procedure which provides the reader with information about the reading process and asks the reader to reflect upon select miscues made during the reading (Y.
The book devotes a chapter to each of three miscue analysis procedures.
For example, a linebacker who drops back into a zone defensive position upon perceiving a visual pass key and is then burned on a draw play, will require more specific information to correct the miscue.