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Corrected meaning-preserving miscues were included in the sample scored, although they received a score of 0.
One form of data that met a forensic standard is a process called Miscue Analysis (Goodman, Watson & Burke, 2005) and this is the focus of this article.
Research into the oral miscues (unexpected responses) of readers provides clues to a reader's knowledge and experience with language.
Miscue Analysis provides a comprehensive assessment procedure that examines readers' miscues to see the extent to which the semantic, syntactic and grapho-phonic systems are utilised.
The Cabrera miscues seemed to affect Lackey mentally, but the right-hander insisted otherwise.
He suspects that migration miscues might affect northern forests in North America.
Day's only joy was when on the brink of defeat, pinching frame 22 to trail 12-10, but his tip let him down again as another miscue on the black early in the next let in O'Sullivan to wrap it up.
Day blamed a problem with his cue tip for the miscue on the pink, which saw the cue ball bounce over the pink into the pocket.
I became interested in Retrospective Miscue Analysis (RMA) as a process which gives readers an opportunity to see their own miscues and build upon their strengths.
The author views reading as a process of constructing meaning, not of saying words, and perceives miscues as a window into a reader's strategies for creating meaning.
Paying the price for not being adventurous enough,Llanfairpwll were left to rue a pair of first-half miscues by new-signing Neil Hughes and Gareth Roberts, who steered shots wide from promising positions.