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Miller, An Economic Analysis of Effective Compliance Programs, in Research Handbook on Corporate Crime and Financial Misdealing, supra note 93.
Nigeria's reputation for financial misdealing and scams is not entirely deserved and partly stems from the fact that Nigeria is by far the most populous country in Africa.
But the comparison is still not complete because the regulation of corporate campaign expenditures also raises concerns of political misdealing, as campaign finance regulation is inherently susceptible to the problems of legislative entrenchment.
If they spot misdealing or if a particular player consistently wins, there's a strong possibility that something is amiss, so those back in the surveillance control room will zoom in for a closer look at the action.
Sure enough, according to The Almanac of American Politics, there was a laundry list of ethical problems, including an indictment for financial misdealing, that cut his already too-long political career short in 1994.
With Hizbollah now enjoying a role in state institutions, time will tell if the traditional propensity of Lebanese parliamentary politics to corruption and financial misdealing will contaminate the group or whether Hizbollah will continue its welfare programmes.