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There will be a question mark on the [impartiality] of the judiciary until Musharraf is not made accountable for his misdeeds.
These fraudulent, dishonest and exaggerated figures were used by the officials to conceal their misdeeds and theft caused with their connivance, resultantly putting extra financial burden on the general public without any justification.
These fraudulent figures were used by officials to conceal their misdeeds and theft caused with their connivance, resultantly putting extra financial burden on general public without any justification.
If anyone [has] concrete evidence of misdeed, the authorities better know it and clean the ranks.
Another comprehensive goal adopted by the American government for getting results was to enlighten people by "highlighting the misdeeds of the radical groups" and thus to prevent new recruits to IS.
He concluded that the real threat facing Sri Lanka is not corruption, bribery, frauds and other misdeeds but the very existence of Sri Lanka as a unitary state, its territorial integrity.
We will use an alibi, however lame or illogical, to find an excuse for our misdeeds.
There are reports in media that the Government of Zambia has dumped its tender move for digital migration due to escalating accusations over misdeed during grant procedures, resulting in apprehensions amid the civil society groups.
It appears to be the part of that campaign which is intended to malign the two important institutions, which are watchdogs of the government's misdeeds about financial handlings, about misappropriation of money and about wrong implementations of schemes," said Joshi.
She told the inquiry: "And in his speech he said that there were many journalists who were exposing the misdeeds of the rich, the powerful and the pompous, and it just struck me that Mr Dacre himself, and possibly other editors, etc, are probably rich, definitely powerful, and I'm not sure about pompous, but that if they were subject to the investigative journalism that they subject others to, maybe they would come out whiter than white, but if they weren't, and they had misdeeds to be spoken of, then surely their misdeeds are much more within the public interest, being very powerful men in these massive media organisations than that of me as a TV presenter/singer or my parents or my friends or what not, and that just kind of struck me, so I just wanted to make that point.
Elsewhere, Dave learns a key witness to his misdeeds has surfaced.
The officers who conducted themselves shamefull did so in the presence of their senior of- ficers, who apparently stood by whilst these misdeeds went on.