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The UK does not have specific regulations regarding the composition of pasta but both the Food Safety Act and the Food Labelling Regulations make it clear that it is an offence to misdescribe a product, so the presence of common wheat in a pasta product must be declared on the product label.
An example of common mistakes made by the lienor is to misdescribe the property or the true record owner of the property.
He has more trouble, I think, with Walton's objection, which is, in short, that to describe the terrified spectator of a horror movie as afraid of the content of a thought is to misdescribe him.
20) The communitarians' failure to recognize this causes them to misdescribe the self as necessarily encumbered with particular ends.
c) The authors misdescribe my conclusion, since it is not my thesis that program verification is useless and possibly harmful because it provides no certainty.
At the outset, the Board's opinion explains that for a mark to misdescribe services that mark must be merely descriptive of a significant aspect of the services which the services could plausibly possess but in fact do not.
To so argue is not merely to misdescribe America's strategic situation.
Our troops force protection in my view is undermined by people who misdescribe the level of protection they actually have.
particular kinds of policy response, but sometimes misdescribe what is
Inadequate as ostension is to explicate our referential practices, we do (somehow) extract from it the machinery to discriminate situations that our theories misdescribe.
People misdescribe things, or they don't have the serial numbers, and we can't always match them up.