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If it cost more than PS100 but less than PS30,000 and is faulty or misdescribed then you can claim against your credit card company if there is a problem.
6) Knaus's essay, on the other hand, is about Bosnia, an intervention success story that has been used as a model for other interventions, albeit "a triumph misdescribed and misunderstood.
This decision demonstrates that where a parry is misdescribed in an arbitration agreement and that appears to be a mistake, it wry be prudent to apply to the local courts of the seat to obtain a declaration as to who the parties to the arbitration agreement are prior to commencing the arbitration.
The questions about the explanatory power of rational choice accounts are not simply a cataloguing of misdescribed detail as might be expected from the bird-watching particularists.
The car's been misdescribed and you've got documentary evidence that it's done more than the advertised mileage, so you'll win your case hands-down.
John Field, from Consumer Direct Yorkshire and Humber, said: "Trying to sort out problems with defective or misdescribed goods can be incredibly frustrating.
Rather, it merely indicates that not all things were equal as had been supposed--that the condition ceteris paribus was not satisfied--as, for example, the cause may have been absent, misdescribed, or impeded by the efficacy of other causes.
It was this that I tried to express in the "politics of meaning" that I shared with Hillary Clinton in the mid 1990s when The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and much other media misdescribed me as "the guru of the White House," and it was this that the Network of Spiritual Progressives now describes as a "spiritual politics" for the 21st century and that I explained to Mr.
The agent has to be aware that his act ought to accord with the expectations of his form of life, otherwise his intention will be either misdescribed or ignored.
If the seller has misdescribed the goods by saying they are perfect, you may be able to claim your money back.
A series of temporary regulations promulgated, before any election has been held, in the name of a conquering power and its local appointees is wholly misdescribed as a Constitution.
When editor Kambiz Foroohar (Cas Anvar) and reporter Adam Penenberg (Steve Zahn) at the online publication Forbes Digital Tool, upset that they've been scooped, check the story out, they discover that nothing checks out neither the kid nor the software out fit can be located, places are misdescribed or made up, phone numbers can't be found, calls aren't returned.