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You only have the right to return goods if they are faulty or misdescribed.
In some cases where it can proved the car was sold in a dangerous, unroadworthy condition or misdescribed Trading Standards can instigate criminal proceedings against the trader.
At an Inner Circle Seminar in 2007 (3) he said: 'Psychotherapy is one of the most worthwhile things in the world.' In The Myth of Psychotherapy: Mental Healing as Religion, Rhetoric, and Repression (1979 [1978]) (4) he wrote that Freud had misdescribed psychotherapy as a science and medical treatment.
But the conservative vision should not be misdescribed as an expression of easy selfishness, unconcerned with the broader community's needs.
(6) Knaus's essay, on the other hand, is about Bosnia, an intervention success story that has been used as a model for other interventions, albeit "a triumph misdescribed and misunderstood." (7) More on that later.
The questions about the explanatory power of rational choice accounts are not simply a cataloguing of misdescribed detail as might be expected from the bird-watching particularists.
The car's been misdescribed and you've got documentary evidence that it's done more than the advertised mileage, so you'll win your case hands-down.
John Field, from Consumer Direct Yorkshire and Humber, said: "Trying to sort out problems with defective or misdescribed goods can be incredibly frustrating.
Rather, it merely indicates that not all things were equal as had been supposed--that the condition ceteris paribus was not satisfied--as, for example, the cause may have been absent, misdescribed, or impeded by the efficacy of other causes.
The court issued a Enterprise Act interim enforcement order to stop the company supplying "misdescribed or faulty" goods - threatening prison if it was breached.
It was this that I tried to express in the "politics of meaning" that I shared with Hillary Clinton in the mid 1990s when The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and much other media misdescribed me as "the guru of the White House," and it was this that the Network of Spiritual Progressives now describes as a "spiritual politics" for the 21st century and that I explained to Mr.
(203) Otherwise, only easements which were validly created and were at some time omitted or misdescribed will constitute exceptions to indefeasibility.