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One can certainly complain that sex discrimination law misdescribes the problems of equality in the United States, but it does more than simply misrepresent the problem of equality.
Cherie was defended by her husband, who said: "I hope no one misdescribes her sentiments.
Earlier, Mr Blair, forced onto the defensive at an event planned to trumpet this week's EU summit at Seville, told reporters: ``I hope that no one misdescribes her sentiments, or mine or anyone else's.
Speaking after talks with Spanish premier Jose Maria Aznar at Downing Street, Mr Blair said: 'First of all I hope that no-one misdescribes her sentiments, or mine or anyone else's.
Tony Blair defended his wife: "I hope that no one misdescribes her sentiments or mine or anyone else's.
334) Second, Posner misdescribes the substance of his own central objection to Thomson's analogy.
He is also incorrect about Nin's party, the POUM, which he misdescribes in the footnotes as anarchist; they were anti-Stalinist Marxists.
6] In their view, focussing on the situation of the incompetent patient without taking account of his or her previously held interests and values misdescribes patients by treating them too narrowly.
On the one hand, in my view, he misidentifies the enemy we face; on the other hand, he subtly misdescribes the nature of victory.
The Court justifies these restrictions in a way that fundamentally misdescribes American constitutional culture.
51) But such a characterization misdescribes the aims of separatists and fails to account satisfactorily for the persistence of nationalist sentiment.
Instead, the objections complain that the instant analysis misdescribes the role, function, and regulation of prosecutors in state and federal criminal justice systems.