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He was ordered to pay a total of pounds 1,100 in fines and costs after admitting illegally misdescribing five cars in adverts, though his defence lawyer pointed out no ordinary customers had complained.
There are obvious health implications related to misdescribing the freshness of fish and we are concerned that these people may have sold to others who are not aware of the problem.
Thus, besides misdescribing guns and omitting some guns in gun estates he identifies, he misses all guns in at least 65 Vermont estates.
In the third prong, I explain how moralists who attempt to force appropriation problems into the matrix of cooperation can easily make a double mistake: not only misdescribing the nature of the problem, but misjudging its seriousness by wrongly concluding that it involves formal cooperation (i.
This chapter is a thicket of inappropriate comparisons to Hegel and Marx, comparisons that depend on misdescribing her views and ignoring the meaning of theirs.
FIRST Choice Holidays was fined pounds 1,300 yesterday after admitting misdescribing a holiday flat in Turkey.
The Court in Brown purported to apply Owen but did so only by misdescribing its facts and holding.
88) If expectations vary, courts may be misdescribing the actual state of the world when they find a no-fault conditional gift implicit in any engagement.