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The Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 makes it an offence to make false or misleading statements in the course of estate agency business when advertising property for sale.
As for the estate agents, they act for the seller and not the buyer and owe no obligation to you, except that they are liable under the Property Misdescriptions Act for any misinformation.
Arguing that terms such as "nature-writing" or "landscape-writing" are misdescriptions that would be better replaced by terms such as "environment" or "ecological," Frankel proposes a phenomenological account of nineteenth-century poetry, deriving from Merleau-Ponty, that would provide a model for the reintegration of the body and environment.
Comments on Furedy and Heslegrave: Misconceptions, misdescriptions, and misdirections.
DNA testing of products previously found by the authorities in Eire to contain undeclared animal derived collagen has been repeated, resulting in further adverse results and confirmation of misdescriptions. Under food safety laws, four distributors of these products have been prosecuted in the last five years and investigations are under way following a further national sampling exercise by twenty Food Authorities in the UK and Northern Ireland.
I only came across the Property Misdescriptions Act a few weeks ago when a local developer infuriated the residents of a 360-house estate that he is on the verge of completing by announcing that he wants to build eight executive homes on half of the 4.5 acres allocated for amenity space.
Having considered the most frequent criticisms of single-subject experimentation, it is important to consider the consequences of these misdescriptions.
Although the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 was brought in to ensure that agents were factually accurate, flowery language still persists.
They did so through the tried and tested methods of false end-user certificates, conduits and misdescriptions of consignments of explosive as being for industrial rather than military use.
232-34) are either rejected as misdescriptions or said to fail to take into account both the extent of the integration of mind and body and the positive evaluation of the material order which integrative dualism provides.
The Property Misdescriptions Act rules that estate agents have to be scrupulously honest in their descriptions of a house, so atmosphere isn't something you read about.
The Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 does not refer to haunted houses, but it does create a general duty to avoid making false or misleading statements.