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However, overturning his convictions, the Appeal Court ruled that the trial judge misdirected the jury on the definition of 'controlled waste.
McGrath Mr Rees argued the trial judge misdirected the jury about the law on self defence - under which McGrath would have been acquitted if the jury had believed she had protected herself from attack by using "reasonable force".
We observed misdirected parental care behavior by the male Eastern Towhee over a 7-day period, including the first day the young fledged.
I invite NEAS to publicly guarantee that no member of staff will be punished or otherwise prejudiced for bringing to light instances of difficulties caused by misdirected ambulances.
The Northern Ireland Court of Appeal ruled the jury which decided the restaurant had been defamed had been misdirected by the trial judge.
French long jumper Salim Sdiri was lucky to escape serious injury when a misdirected javelin thrown by Finland's Tero Pitkamaki embedded itself in his side during the IAAF Golden League meeting.
Oldham had chances to win the game but Porter misdirected a header over the crossbar from six yards out and Warne shot straight at the goalkeeper.
Incoming filled-in ballots can be intercepted, outgoing blank ballots can be misdirected by filing false postal forwarding notices, voters' signatures can be forged, votes can be bought, voters can be coerced or intimidated, and blind, senile, or intellectually disabled voters can be "assisted.
According to political analyst Michael Fauntroy, an assistant professor at George Mason University, the legislation's focus is misdirected.
I want to eliminate the excessive, misdirected government spending that has caused cuts to vital public services.
For Bruegmann, liberal thinking has perniciously misdirected many planning premises, but his blind defence of the market leaves him with little rational option than to push aesthetics out of his field of vision--decisions made on this basis when all other rationales fail are, he argues, subjective, by which I take him to mean arbitrary, whimsical, personal and formal and deeply interesting.
The father is a proud but misdirected professor; the mother is brilliant but sporadically demented.