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Other RNL offspring can similarly be lifted from DASTALLY, MITRALLY, MISDOING and LIVERIED.
Aznar's supporters contend the former socialist government was worse, and indeed, the margin of misdoing is certainly wide.
Long after Barbie's debut, Handler was accused of financial misdoing with Mattel, forced to retire and turned to the business of making breast prostheses for women who had had mastectomies.
Even if individual congressmen weren't consciously abusing the system, this argument goes, they are getting their just deserts for the institution's collective misdoing, from the congressional pay raise to the general cowardice regarding the nation's budgetary ills.
While the English cricketer, as per the reports, himself admitted of his misdoing, the ICC allowed him to go scot free.
March 14, by striving to depict Hezbollah's role as directly fighting alongside the army, they wish to cover up for their own misdoing and help bring about the destruction of State Institutions along with such instability this entails so that it would become pretty hard to hold any more parliamentary session in the future, he concluded.
The cardinal and other church leaders "are not interested in denying the extent of misdoing in the Catholic church" and will cooperate fully with the royal commission, he said.
The rate of retaliation against whistleblowers is increasing far more quickly than the rate of people reporting misdoing.
Journalists and politicians, surely the two organisations which have more misdoing to answer for than any others, ought to think about throwing stones and glass houses before entering into any damning accounts of behaviour.
com, for instance, you can enter the virtual booth, select your sins from five general classes of misdoing, and then proceed to the automated confessor, which doles out punishments normally consisting of some combination of fasting, Our Fathers, and Hail Marys.
Companies like Computer Associates and Lucent Technologies have been hit hard by fraud claims in recent months, and the whole area remains ripe for misdoing.
At the same Diet panel, Finance Minister Kiichi Miyazawa denied any government misdoing in connection a 1998 decision to inject 60 billion yen into NCB's capital base to help the bank recapitalize in time for the closing of its books for fiscal 1997, which ended March 31, 1998.