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Stewart had been run out of town a few years previously by the criminal family of his then girlfriend Ellie (Glue's Charlotte Spencer), but is now forced to face his own misdoings and uncovers suspicious events surrounding Callum's death, which was believed to be a suicide.
CONTROVERSIAL CBI Director Ranjit Sinha's alleged misdoings during his tenure has come back to haunt him five months after his retirement.
In the statement, he said that he tried to atone for his misdoings by apologizing to the girls he traumatized, 15 years later.
Coffee & Prejudice, by the Swiss group MerciMax, invites participants to test their judgment in a one-onone interaction: Audience members sit alone at a table and await a series of four performers, who enter and talk about their values and moral misdoings.
However, not destabilizing the system should not be taken to mean that the Party should abandon its political and democratic role to keep a check on the excesses and misdoings of the government which must be challenged and brought into the open and rectified.
Hopefully this will deter them from future misdoings.
But surely accountants who audit companies' financial statements must worry about their own reputations and, therefore, have a strong incentive to root out financial misdoings in the companies they audit.
Disgraced by society and taken to court for his misdoings, the humiliated Baweja dies of a heart attack.
Our newly-introduced Institutional Approval letter, the first of its kind for any journal in Pakistan, is also in line with COPE requirements to make the institution accountable for misdoings on its premises.
Manama, July 3 (BNA) -- Expatriate Keralites who lure their own people with false promises of jobs and better salaries and then push them to the verge of penury and beggary will face exemplary punishments if their misdoings are brought before the law, the Chief Minister of Kerala (a South Indian state), Oommen Chandy, told the Bahrain News Agency (BNA).
As a scapegoat, he is needed to take the beating for someone else's or even the subject's misdoings; at the same time, he must be cast out as a way of getting rid of those misdoings or the guilt of them.
99), his delightful exploration of sexual misdoings and ghost stories first published in 1969; Stanley and the Women ([pounds sterling]8.