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The government will say to the drug companies, "We are not willing to pay for the $12 billion a year that you spend to miseducate doctors.
The classrooms, all too often, have propaganda from the food industry, free or cheap materials to miseducate kids, and teachers rely on them.
Those simplistic verbal battles often serve to miseducate people about responsible forest conservation and stewardship.
Hundreds of millions of tax dollars are going to miseducate millions of students right now.
We need reminding that "it is unethical to mislabel, mislead, and miseducate our most vulnerable children" (Puckett, Marshall, & Davis, 1999, p.
Nevertheless, the IWF report, Lying in a Room of One's Own: How Women's Studies Textbooks Miseducate Students, by Christine Stolba, offers an interesting analysis of an academic discipline (or, as some of its critics would call it, a pseudo-academic pseudo-discipline) that has been steadily gaining ground on campuses since its inception some three decades ago.
While professionals certainly should continue to design and implement more sensitive and appropriate programs for all children, it is nonetheless unethical to mislabel, mislead, and miseducate our most vulnerable children.
Ebonics is fast becoming a statewide concern because it promises to miseducate an entire generation of children by lowering academic standards,'' Haynes said.
Research seldom addresses how gender stereotyping affects and miseducates boys as well.