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When we instruct children in academic subjects, or in swimming, gymnastics, or ballet, at too early an age, we miseducate them; we put them at risk for short-term stress and long-term personality damage for no useful purpose.
First, you obviously have the traditional public system as we know it, which will educate or miseducate the masses of young people of color.
The government will say to the drug companies, "We are not willing to pay for the $12 billion a year that you spend to miseducate doctors.
The classrooms, all too often, have propaganda from the food industry, free or cheap materials to miseducate kids, and teachers rely on them.
Those simplistic verbal battles often serve to miseducate people about responsible forest conservation and stewardship.
It is not implausible that the same educational system that works to inspire and motive the oppressor to believe that he or she is superior would simultaneously miseducate the oppressed into believing that he/she is inferior.
Hundreds of millions of tax dollars are going to miseducate millions of students right now.
The question is how long can a society continue to miseducate its youth on this epic scale and still survive?
We need reminding that "it is unethical to mislabel, mislead, and miseducate our most vulnerable children" (Puckett, Marshall, & Davis, 1999, p.
Could any course have been better designed to miseducate students concerning the value of independence of mind and unconstrained pursuit of truth
xxiii); (c) Black education has been overstudied from mainstream epistemological perspectives and understudied from the perspective that focuses on culture as an asset for learning; and (d) formal education is organized to miseducate and dominate groups not in the dominant culture (Anyon, 2005; Woodson, 1933).