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If students of American political science are not introduced to the contradictions underlying the foundation of a revolutionary democratic nation that practiced slavery and restricted the vote to landowning men, they are being miseducated.
In his second book in this series, The Schools We Need: And Why We Don't Have Them (1996), he described in fulsome terms the insular "thought-world" of progressive education, based in the nation's schools of education, which had miseducated teachers and administrators for decades.
The children's native language and culture is disrespected and in turn miseducated into the dominant Anglo Protestant culture.
This reductionistic frame has only further handicapped an already miseducated general public.
We will see more deaf children with cochlear implants miseducated.
If only Pelagius, whose theology she claimed as her own, had "had the power and adroitness of Augustine," the churches throughout the ages would have been focused on the proper training of the human mind in obedience to God's laws rather than on the curing of hopelessly diseased and miseducated minds.
One teacher from Kildare said: "This blunder means that we have miseducated a whole generation of young Irish people into having underage sex.
What obligation do we as educators have to include the histories and cultures of those not only different from ourselves, but about whom we may ourselves be miseducated or ignorant?
We have been miseducated with a drumbeat of false parables and selective propaganda.
It is a well-documented treatise calling for a post-modern rethinking of the role of formal education for the `uneducated, miseducated, undereducated' (p.
I think its a pity that the consumer has been miseducated to think that lumber grade is related to lumber quality.
If most of only one generation of society has been deeply miseducated, social and cultural disasters are likely to follow for succeeding generations.