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In the song, Wale rapped, "On behalf of Charlamagne, I'm sure he ain't trading sides / Maybe I should meet Tammy Lahren, I'll Lauryn Hill her / Train her; she miseducated anyway / Probably hate the color of my face."
"Doing school": How we are creating a generation of stressed out, materialistic, and miseducated students.
To the capitalist, as argued below, labor is a natural resource he or she is entitled to, and black and brown workers' devaluation has provided capital with a cheaper source of labor and a more disposable source, a source that can be scapegoated, murdered, impoverished, imprisoned, disrespected, miseducated, and made the floor mat of a dying and decaying global capitalist system as an almost permanent reserve pool of unemployed communities that function to keep the price of labor low and to keep white workers clinging to their capitalist masters.
Now reflecting on my previous experiences, I was, in fact, miseducated. Throughout my college career, I was never assigned a book that was authored by a Black author nor did I have a Black instructor before attending an HBCU.
It can disseminate ideas, it can educate even the miseducated, because it is art--and all art reaches across that divide that makes order out of chaos, and embraces the truth that overwhelms with its presence, and connects man to something larger than himself and his imagination.
Doing school: How we are creating a generation of stressed-out, materialistic and miseducated students.
Thus, while the elder son and heir is miseducated by his parents, the second-in-line, Harry, is educated by his uncle to become a male paragon.
There is good reason for the government wanting to review this topic: too many Canadians consider their country's history boring or have been miseducated about the past.
For social justice pedagogues, this kind of uncritical schooling runs the risk of creating "misled, miseducated citizens when it comes to sociopolitical and sociohistorical realities" (Gorski, 2006, p.165-166) who are self-interested, unquestioning of current structural inequities, and committed to a weak democracy defined by consumer notions of choice.
Miseducated Mr Asif said that while he was in Birmingham, Storm, 36, showed him a computer memory stick that he said he used to communicate with al-Awlaki.
The alternative is total war on a system overflowing with money and overrun with professors and administrators who could stand a good dose of the very self-deprecation that leaves Andrew Ferguson stranded somewhere in midair, musing about our national educational predicament, puzzling over it, laughing at it, while hoping against hope that he will survive the next four years without being too badly fleeced by an unnamed Big State University, and that his dear son will somehow escape, degree in hand, without being too badly miseducated along the way.
In his estimation, women were being miseducated, treated like "a man in disguise" (57).