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There is good reason for the government wanting to review this topic: too many Canadians consider their country's history boring or have been miseducated about the past.
For social justice pedagogues, this kind of uncritical schooling runs the risk of creating "misled, miseducated citizens when it comes to sociopolitical and sociohistorical realities" (Gorski, 2006, p.
Miseducated Mr Asif said that while he was in Birmingham, Storm, 36, showed him a computer memory stick that he said he used to communicate with al-Awlaki.
The alternative is total war on a system overflowing with money and overrun with professors and administrators who could stand a good dose of the very self-deprecation that leaves Andrew Ferguson stranded somewhere in midair, musing about our national educational predicament, puzzling over it, laughing at it, while hoping against hope that he will survive the next four years without being too badly fleeced by an unnamed Big State University, and that his dear son will somehow escape, degree in hand, without being too badly miseducated along the way.
In his estimation, women were being miseducated, treated like "a man in disguise" (57).
In her conclusion, she offers a possible solution: "Meanwhile young women are miseducated out of respect for themselves as human beings, and--equally deadly--their menfolk are warned not to respect them.
However, they have been miseducated into believing that the only standard of beauty is the one defined by European ideals" (Charles 2003:726).
Awash in a sea of peasants and often miseducated by their Soviet allies, African Marxists ultimately failed, while their nations are now subject to 'recolonisation' with limited real options, since much authority now 'rests with the IMF and World Bank [whose policies have] imposed great social hardship, sharpened inequality and unleashed venality' (p135).
I saw then that our biggest challenge is being miseducated.
Coupled with the "subordinate integration of Puerto Ricans into the labor market and dominant society," this generation experienced "unbridled racism," "a school system which miseducated, denigrated and oppressed them," and biased attitudes when they served as intermediaries for their parents in social service agencies.
993, 1004 (2007) ("Students who are in the most educational and health need-poor urban and rural students-are also the most likely to be miseducated through [abstinence-only] curricula.