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For the remaining participants, the oral examination experience was perceived as having little or no benefit to their education (13%, n = 21) or as negative and miseducative (6%, n = 10).
Still, the overwhelming majority of subject matter discussions were quite superficial and, at times, miseducative.
A brief, final illustration of trajectories suggests how trajectories may be more incipient and unsupported, or could even be miseducative, that is, lead to negative learning.
In case you missed his point, he added that IT personnel were "control freaks" who made "insane, expensive and miseducative decisions.
16) Miseducative experiences, according to Dewey, "may be lively, vivid, and `interesting,' and yet their disconnectedness may artificially generate dispersive, disintegrated, centrifugal habits.
In this view, crime is miseducative, a departure from truth, a frustration of human freedom and growth, a denial of right understanding.
To counter these disjointed miseducative experiences, Vygotsky would say that teachers need to devise curricula that directs students along a continuity of experience.
As we developed our findings, we sought to be aware of areas where the service-learning experience may have fallen short of our goals or instances when the experience may have been miseducative.
Miseducative experiences have unintended consequences that leave students with incorrect information or attitudes.
Like so many other concepts in education, multiculturalism is a term that has lost its potency because of miseducative examples that serve to maintain Whiteness as the cultural norm.
I then turn my attention specifically to the use of critical reflection in multicultural teacher education as an example of a miseducative "pedagogical intervention.