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Toward this end, advisors have misemployed countless dollars and hours on practice promotion and client marketing schemes such as blogging, newsletters, websites, email campaigns, seminars and social media--usually with little to show for their efforts.
The inevitable consequence was that they were misemployed by a staunchly traditional Admiralty, unwilling to accept the need for change.
A typical aak nama will jostle random discontent in the following: "I disown my son/daughter due to their 'disobedience'" - a commonly misemployed excuse.
It was all the more galling to the unit, misemployed as they were, to watch the French field bakery set up and begin producing a stream of freshly baked loaves and rolls for the French expeditionary corps within a matter of days.
In this article, definitions for "nation" and "nationalism" are proposed, with each definition followed by sections on common ways the terms are misemployed in political science.