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A miser whose money fell into the hands of a drunken, profligate son.
With Welsh Water, Servelec s Miser system will be used to provide pump schedules and monitor the performance of the Heads of the Valley area, which consists of 8 reservoirs and 5 sources.
Compared to a survey crew's "crude" glimpse, a UAV can give planners, farmers, oil-and-gas crews, and conservation organizations the "entire picture," says Miser.
Bah humbug: Graham Cole as the miser Ebenezer Scrooge.
Miser says he's the first to do the cannonball act while on fire, having started in 2003.
Banking and payments technology provider FIS (NYSE:FIS) announced on Monday that it has signed an agreement with a US-based credit union United Federal Credit Union for its MISER core processing solution.
Miser is a technology writer specializing in Apple products.
SMASH the piggy-bank and hunt down the back of the sofa for any forgotten pound coins, but make sure you get to see The Miser.
Both credit unions run on the Fidelity MISER core platform and said they have experienced reduced human error and application processing cost integrating their core solution with the uOpen and uFund services.
He was a miser who did not like to spend his money or the country's money.
One place would be on page 35 of this issue, the first installment of a new series we are calling Energy Miser.
HOLLYWOOD star James McAvoy has admitted he is a miser.