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reticulatum (Robertson) 141 (140F 1M); and Andrena (Larandrena) miserabilis Cresson 111 (79F 32M).
We have to remind ourselves that this was going to be Ronaldo's annus miserabilis, thanks to his World Cup winking contribution and the part he played in England's downfall.
Coclea Porto domum mecum, semper migrare parata, mutatoque solo non sum miserabilis exul; sed mihi [dagger] concilium [dagger] de caelo nascitur ipso.
I place a semicolon after line 2 because in line 3, at any rate with this emendation, sed does not mark the reason why the snail is not a miserabilis exul (after all, Symphosius does not say nam, and anyway the reason has already been given: porto domum mecum), but rather introduces a new clue in the form of a contrast between earth (solo) and heaven (caelo), an antithesis our poet is particularly fond of: cf.
Petrarch is drawing on Ovid, who is in comparison almost cynical: "ut uoto potiare tuo, miserabilis esto, / ut qui te uideat dicere possit 'amas'" (Ars amatoria 1.
Proteus' song makes Arisraeus responsible for the death of Eurydice (she was bitten by a poisonous snake while fleeing his advances), and Orpheus responsible for the loss of Aristaeus' hive ("tibi has miserabilis Orpheus / haudquaquam ad meritum poenas.
Proteus asserts: "tibi has miserabilis Orpheus / haudquaquam ad meritum poenas, 01 fata resistant, / suscitat, et rapta graviter pro coniuge saevit" (4.