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Among these is Verdenius's, which regards 'male and female' as "an aspect of the fundamental pair of contraries, Darkness and Light" (1964: 7), and Taran's, where commentary on B12 is limited to Parmenides' astronomical and anthropological (specifically psychological and physiological) theories (1965: 231-68); but neither of these scholars deal with the loathsomeness or miserableness of birth in 12.
Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs God Willin' And The Creek Don't Rise (out tomorrow) MUCH has been made of US singer Ray LaMontagne's "I can't smile, my face may crack" miserableness.
Despite its miserableness, the natural condition is also one of fundamental equality and unlimited freedom, though not in the familiar senses since Hobbes grounds natural freedom and equality not in justice, which he subsequently explains applies only within political society, but in its absence.
These concerts - by the man who gave RS Thomas a run for his money in the miserableness stakes (in fact the man who beat RS hands down in the world of never smiling) - are not coming to Wales.