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He complimented their improvement to her contentment; and as they were without any disguise of jam or other stain, she trembled all the while and was miserably frightened lest at any moment he--
The Story Girl moped and refused to be comforted; Cecily declared she could not sleep at night for thinking of poor Paddy dying miserably in some corner to which he had dragged his failing body, or lying somewhere mangled and torn by a dog.
Oh, it seems to me it will grow harder all the time," said Leslie miserably.
Meanwhile, Alexey Alexandrovitch was holding his son by the shoulder while he was speaking to the governess, and Seryozha was so miserably uncomfortable that Anna saw he was on the point of tears.
It seemed a queer anomaly, that so gaunt and dismal a personage should take a toy in hand; a miracle, that the toy did not vanish in her grasp; a miserably absurd idea, that she should go on perplexing her stiff and sombre intellect with the question how to tempt little boys into her premises
But it so happened, that those boats, without seeing Pip, suddenly spying whales close to them on one side, turned, and gave chase; and Stubb's boat was now so far away, and he and all his crew so intent upon his fish, that Pip's ringed horizon began to expand around him miserably.
I am keen to participate in national politics to change the political fabric of the country as the current political system has miserably failed.
All these mega projects miserably failed to bring any positive change in the lives of the people.
He said people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are fed up from the policies of the government and PTI has miserably failed to address the problems being faced by the masses.
Talking to the delegation of Hurriyet Conference AJK in Islamabad, he said India has miserably failed to suppress the indigenous Kashmir freedom movement despite use of brute force, Radio Pakistan reported.
He said 'Get Nawaz Operation' of the opponents has miserably failed.
But on closer inspection it is clear that the Boundary Commission have snubbed Sutton Coldfield, have left it miserably underrepresented and clearly shown favour to Birmingham's inner city areas.