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There is also James MacMillan's Miserere, alongside other work by the contemporary composer, while The Sixteen also showcase music from Palestrina, master of Renaissance polyphony.
Their programme, called Queen of Heaven, invites listeners to experience the evolution of Allegri's Miserere alongside music by Italian Renaissance composer Palestrina and contemporary Scottish composer James Macmillan, including his setting of the Miserere.
As he mutters what sounds like, "I'm in hell", Allegri's Miserere rises.
One of greatest choral pieces ever written, Allegri's Miserere Mei Deus originally was heard only in the Sistine Chapel.
But, although the "three enemies" that the "Father of the Nation" Julius Miserere (pictured below) targeted for elimination after independence (ignorance, poverty and disease) are not totally defeated, the country has come a long way from where the British left it in 1961.
32) Cronin, supra note 19, at 1 ("Wolfgang [Amadeus Mozart]'s redoubtable intellect undermined the Vatican's exclusive control over the dissemination of Gregorio Allegri's Miserere, the score of which was then closely guarded, and performances of which the pope allowed only within the Sistine Chapel.
The ceremony included artistic performances by Sally-Anne Friedland Dance Drama Company in a dance trilogy exploring the past, present and future; The Chamber Choir of the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, Tel Aviv University, conducted by Ronen Borshevsky, which performed Miserere, by Gregorio Allegri; and the GILA Dance Troupe, composed of 15 venerable ladies in an exciting performance about facing life's everyday challenges.
Those who left immediately after the advertised programme missed a real treat as Kempf entertained us with Liszt's Paraphrase on Miserere from Il Trovatore.
In the meantime until I could ask, I contented myself to stand in the snow up to my waist and to stay there for the length of time it took to say the Miserere twice.
Ciabattoni relates that "musicless utterance" to the Miserere chorally sung by the penitent souls in Purg.
Christopher Marinos presented Mark Wallinger's beautiful video projection Threshold to the Kingdom, 2000, in which travelers emerge through the automatic doors of an airport arrival terminal, as if awakening from a dream or reaching the pearly gates, to the accompaniment of an angelic chorus singing Gregorio Allegri's Miserere.
E muito para ver e louvar Nosso Senhor a grande devocao e fervor que se ve nestes indios quando hao de comungar; porque os homens quase todos se disciplinam a noite antes por espaco de um Miserere, precedendo ladainha e sua exortacao espiritual na lingua:dao em si cruelmente; nem tem necessidade de esperar pela noite, porque muitos por sua devocao, acabando-se de confessar ainda que seja de dia, se disciplinam na igreja, diante de todos, e quase todos tem disciplina, que sabem fazer muito boas.