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Be prudent in our affairs but not to the extent of miserliness.
In doing so, the entire human body is able to transform itself into an agent of positive moral and social change that seeks to replace miserliness with generosity, anger with patience, revenge with love, and war with peace, in effect, replacing good with evil in the world.
Some of the chief characteristics or symptoms of OCPD is seen in traits such as workaholism, miserliness or a lack of generosity, hoarding, and pushing oneself to perform better at the expense of leisurely activities or friendships.
Fielding leaves meticulous accounts of Trembleys dissections untouched, chuckling instead at Gaulterus's lofty accounts of his own miserliness, writing that "A Chrysipus, by the simple Contact of my own Finger, has so closely attached itself to my Hand, that by the joint and indefatigable Labor of several of my Friends, it could by no means be severd, or make it quit its Hold" (198).
In the Oath of Maimonides we are called upon to vow and say, "May the love for my art actuate me at all time; may neither avarice nor miserliness .
There is an anger, fury and bewilderment at the state of Britain - the world's fourth largest economy but which many see as a land of miserliness and mean-mindedness.
It was not that Onions was not bowling enough wicket-taking balls before - just that his usual miserliness was not there to keep the pressure on.
Crucially, they conceded just 11 points in total to Donegal last time out, indicating a new found miserliness.
It is the hoarding of wealth for oneself that is questioned: miserliness suggests the wealth came not from Allah but through some evil pact or witchcraft,' writes Last (2000a: 222-3).
Now the president wants to be freed of these reputed manacles of miserliness.
For those in a deteriorating relationship, either ostentatious gestures or miserliness (or, even worse, forgetfulness) it can expose unmendable cracks.
While most of the poverty alleviation measures call for compassionate, magnanimous and abundance-minded citizenry; usury promotes the characteristics like, could- not-care-less attitude towards other peoples' needs or feelings, miserliness and scarcity mentality.