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Therefore, both miserliness and squandering make one equally guilty before God.
As Marx showed, that miserliness, inspired by the seductiveness of exchange value, is in the end not simply a desire to accumulate things, but a desire not to share in and thereby be a full and capable participant in social and spiritual life.
During this era work and the acquisitive efforts were encouraged, but miserliness was frowned upon.
This may account for the fact that, despite Connery Sr's alleged miserliness, his son rushes to be with his dad when he's sick, plays golf with him, remains in constant phone contact and, in his mother's words, "adores him.
Larson, who notes that Noddy Boffin comes alive, goes dead, then comes alive again, his later miserliness a pretense that parallels John Harmon's supposed drowning and John Rokesmith's phony identity.
Boro keeper Mark Schwarzer could return to add to the miserliness after recovering from a back problem.
renounce lust, anger, greed, ignorance, vanity, selfishness, envy, rudeness, miserliness, falsehood, sloth and all other acts that bring a man to disrepute.
Widows' Paradise (Belfast, 1966) is subtitled 'An Ulster Comedy' and others give much prominence to local conceptions, such as the alleged miserliness of people from Ballymena, the suspicion of Belfast, 'the city of sin', and, as we shall see, the sectarian issues which are no doubt inescapable in Northern Ireland drama.
Through their efforts, St Philips were well placed with their score at 70/2 a The turning point came when slow medium bowler Ed Coley, with a fine exhibition of miserliness, only conceded one run bowling the eighth over.
Angoulvant's defining trait among fellow administrators, however, was a tendency to miserliness.
It is also important for Nash that we not associate frugality either with miserliness or some idealized rural simplicity.
The defensive mistakes which were our downfall in the FA Cup, so uncharacteristic given our recent miserliness, were made to look trivial to the abject display served up just four days later.