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Bettering third place against the financial clout of the Old Firm is probably impossible, but their attempt will not be helped by such miserly support.
Editor of Your Pension, Paula John, said: "It seems that the miserly basic British pension is a blessing in disguise, since the pay-outs are encouraging many to take responsibility for finances in retirement.
The encounter,however, promises to be closely fought as Haverfordwest, who hold a two-point advantage with a game in hand,boast a miserly defence that has proved a tough nut to crack this term.
Blues currently sit in the unfamiliar territory of fourth place in the Premiership, largely thanks to a miserly defence that has only conceded five goals.
Game plan: The key for the Coyotes is to have their typical game, which means sufficient offense and a miserly defense.
The Office of Fair Trading is probing claims the Northern Rock short- changed up to 200,000 savers by switching them to accounts paying miserly interest rates.
Thanks to Vadem's innovative power management and control, the VG330 in its suspend mode consumes an even more miserly 30uW -- nearly ten times less than other available solutions.
Yet even at the more miserly 2-1 offered this year, it was still a blinding bet.
Then, with 2:13 to play in overtime, the Kings got the chance they needed, a rare outnumbered rush against the miserly Boston Bruins.
Nurses who were given a miserly two per cent rise this year are outraged.
Conservation of power is vital in computers, and we are doing our part by making modules as miserly with power as the art of technology will allow," he said.