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Any book that seemed to promise a chance of miserly biography, Mr Boffin purchased without a moment's delay and carried home.
Miserly literature not being abundant, the proportion of failures to successes may have been as a hundred to one; still Mr Boffin, never wearied, remained as avaricious for misers as he had been at the first onset.
My private suspicions of his miserly character produce no discouraging effect on me.
Swilling, I warrant me, at the ale, or playing their juggling tricks at the bedside of some miserly churl.
The pincher," was his thought; "too miserly to burn two cents' worth of gas and save his boarders' necks.
You have left me a treasury of happy memories which I shall hoard, when you are gone, with miserly care.
However, the miserly 1% had already been earned and withholding it for so long has caused hardship.
I would gladly wear a coloured band for free meals as I struggle along on a miserly pension even though I have paid into the system for 50 years.
But when Sun sleeps mean Moon miserly shares his light just enough only
Miserly HARRIs played in last week's warm-up game against Kent and Aussie boss Darren Lehmann wanted him to prove his fitness0 0000000against Essex before Wednesday's first Test.
Their miserly bowlers conceded the fewest runs in the competition ensuring that their batsmen frequently had an easily achievable target to chase, winning each game with at least one over to spare.
So now, once again, we have the six main energy suppliers in the UK not only being miserly with their price reductions, and way behind the curve in terms of timing, but also, in the view of the Competition and Marketing Authority (CMA), being very unfair to customers that have been with them for many years.