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The good news is that those who misestimate their nonmortgage debt are also more likely to take-up an offer of financial coaching.
Because event studies omit most expectation effects, the studies may misestimate the efficacy of asset purchases.
Thus, our simulations demonstrate that it would be possible to misestimate the risk aversion coefficients by more than 180%.
Some machines can have trouble distinguishing true obstructive apneic events and central sleep apnea--apneic episodes despite an open airway--and misestimate the apnea-hypopnea index.
Some machines can have trouble distinguishing true obstructive apneic events and central sleep apnea - apneic episodes despite an open airway - and misestimate the apnea-hypopnea index.
First, investors may systematically misestimate the likelihood of various outcomes.
Risk assessment used to be a task of IT personnel who lacked the understanding of the relative value of data and consequently misestimate the consequences of data loss, unavailability or disclosure.
8) Ellis and Sundmacher demonstrate the implications for scaling financial asset risk when long-term returns do not follow a Gaussian random walk: even small deviations from pure random behavior can lead investors to significantly misestimate their real level of risk.
Confusion has resulted from an initially published misestimate of 70-80lb (32-36kg) draw weight for one of the bows (80 A812) taken from the wreck before it was raised.
By implication, studies that fail to consider both types of problems may misestimate their relative importance in sexual development.
the possibility that one might misestimate the benefits, the costs, or both) militate in favor of requiring, before regulation, that the benefits exceed the costs by some significant amount (i.
If the normality assumption is wrong, many of the models and methodologies applied in the valuation of securities could misestimate the appropriate price of those securities.