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With a small sample size, the default spread could be misestimated due to large sampling errors.
Given the long history of these workers at the company, the apparent lack of anti-PA antibodies at the first blood sampling may have been misestimated due to the high threshold defined for seropositivity by the commercial ELISA used in the study.
Direct questions regarding weaknesses, and hypothetical claim evaluations and outcome predictions, usually temper lawyer overconfidence, stimulating them to at least consider possibilities that they have misestimated.
These effects may not combine independently, and thus, our estimates of the combined effects of these process measures may also be misestimated.
In particular, the finding by Burger and Walters (2003) and Solow and Krautmann (2007) that players' MRPs are affected by the size of the market in which they play--and not uniform across teams, as is commonly assumed means that prior judgments about overbidding may be erroneous because they are based on comparisons of players' salaries to misestimated MRPs.
Therefore, GDI estimates could be temporarily misestimated to the extent that there is an imbalance between estimates of stock option proceeds embedded in both compensation and profit estimates.
Still less likely, but possible: Maybe we have drastically misestimated the raw hardware power of what we carry between our ears.
Analysts at the RAND Corporation in the 1950s misestimated the Soviet nuclear threat because they were never privy to some key information about Soviet bombers.
In other words, the PCS model consistently misestimated the volume of trade for at least 68 percent of the country pairs.
An analysis of the errors in legislators' estimated rank that can be attributed to these errors shows that these errors cause legislators to be misestimated by less than 1 spot, on average, with no legislator misranked by more than 2.
In Broadaway,(27) the Eighth Circuit upheld the ruling in Cameron(28) that a corporation that misestimated its Sec.