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If the normality assumption is wrong, many of the models and methodologies applied in the valuation of securities could misestimate the appropriate price of those securities.
Since we are interested in the magnitude of that case-specific error, and when aggregating these case-specific misestimates, it is important to avoid having overestimates cancel out underestimates.
These authors also noted that a significant difference in the intercepts of the regression equations indicates that the personality assessment misestimates the job performance of one group in comparison with the other group.
In addition, these authors ran simulations to show that in some cases inaccurate staffing patterns were the source of the errors, while in other cases the misestimates could be attributed to the mistakes made in the industry projections.
Problems of overcommitment can arise from misestimates of time requirements, sometimes by as much as 700 percent.
While we adopt the view that temporal profit patterns should reflect the intended policies of insurer management, one can argue that these patterns could emerge because of unintentional, short-term misestimates of future losses by managers.
Then the writers do whatever is necessary (for example, work overtime, negotiate schedule slips, or find efficiencies) to make up for any misestimates, or for product development changes, while still meeting the schedule.
Violations of the principle for equivalent PCR efficiencies of two sequences can produce a systematic bias in the PCR assay, giving misestimates of the initial copy numbers (13, 24).
On the supply side three factors were seen as key: previous misestimates of the need for inpatient services, the need to replace aging or unsafe facilities (e.
Individualism misestimates the explanatory role of species concepts in biology (Boyd, 1999).
2) The ability of depository institutions to average their holdings of balances at the Federal Reserve over two-week periods to meet their requirements gives them flexibility in managing their accounts from day to day, which helps limit the volatility in rates that can develop when the Desk misestimates either the supply of or demand for balances.
This method incorrectly treats the file drawer as unbiased and almost always misestimates the seriousness of publication bias.