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A further implication is that frequent feedback may not be enough to protect people from misestimating their own ability.
Since recarbonation affects leaching of different components, using the test data of the initial highly alkaline samples may lead to misestimating the leaching of semicoke in the natural environment.
We argue that it is quite probable that economists have been misestimating the Phillips curve recently and that the underlying Phillips curve, and thus the sacrifice ratio, have not really changed significantly.
The overestimation most likely results from not realizing the number of classes that will ultimately be missed in the instance of predictions made at the beginning of the course and/or misestimating the detriment that absences would ultimately have.
changes to market rate adequacy and underwriting terms and conditions; -- misestimating plan loss ratios; -- frequency and severity trends; -- weather-related losses; -- legal reforms and court decisions; -- level of economic activity and macroeconomic factors.
During planning, misestimating the resources needed for deployments may lead to a force structure of the wrong size or balance to meet future national security needs.
national sentiment; the Court will be receptive to the charge that it is misestimating national sentiment, but it will not necessarily be responsive to local sentiment.