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the PSRP validity is, for any reason, questionable), clinical judgments are more ambiguous and patients may be vulnerable to pain misestimation as observers may incorrectly use pain cues (e.
Then, use of those models with multiplechoice items will incur the same misestimation of IIFs described here for the NRM, giving the impression that they extract information from incorrect responses.
Parameter uncertainty can lead to unreasonable conclusions and significant misestimation of system measures.
Olson requested the repeal of the alternative minimum tax (77% of the additional income subject to the AMT stems from the disallowance of dependency deductions and state and local taxes) and the elimination or reduction of sunset provisions and phaseouts that hinder tax planning, including the misestimation of interim tax payment requirements.
The financial mistakes they consider include suboptimal use of offers of low interest rates on transfers of credit card balances, misestimation of housing values, and tolerance of excessive interest rates and fee payments.
To the extent that the reported correlations are not as precise as raw data, this approach might result in a small amount of misestimation.
Grady, "Misunderstanding in Clinical Research: Distinguishing Therapeutic Misconception, Therapeutic Misestimation, and Therapeutic Optimism," IRB: Ethics & Human Research 25, no.
In this paper, we argue that while economists' locus on such strategic cost allocations has appropriately highlighted the potential for economically meaningful distortions to economic activity, it has, to this point, overlooked a potentially powerful role that misestimation (not merely misallocation) of common costs plays in (he creation of regulatory cross-subsidization.
Elton, Gruber, and Gultekin (1984) show that a large fraction of analyst forecast error is attributable to misestimation of firm-specific factors rather than to misestimation of economy or industry factors.
Using a Taylor rule framework, Orphanides (2003) attributed the inflation of the 1970s to this misestimation of the output gap.
Since the patent on these block-buster drugs expired regardless of when the drug reached the market, causing a dramatic drop in the drug's profitability, this misestimation was causing the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.
In the issue of grade predictions at the start of the final, students' overestimations of their final course grade most likely result from a misestimation of the negative effect that absences would have on their final grade.