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The processes whereby we misperceive, misconceive, misexpress, misconstrue, misunderstand, and misevaluate were laid bare so that we know the pitfalls and can make conscious efforts to overcome them.
Research within the PVA/ EPVA Center indicates that some demyelinated neurons may misexpress sodium channels so that they produce inappropriate mixtures of these molecular batteries and therefore fire in abnormal patterns.
We estimate that the truncated protein is likely to be misexpressed or mislocated in the inner ear.
AURKA or PLK1 overexpression is associated with spindle defects and aneuploidy, hallmarks of malignant transformation that have been also observed when MAP9 is misexpressed [19].
The researchers also found a significant enrichment of misexpressed genes in neural-related pathways in ASD children.
We hypothesized that genes important for FRT morphogenesis and perturbed by neonatal Gen treatment would continue to be altered in adult oviducts and that additional oviduct genes would be misexpressed around the time of preimplantation embryo loss.
We are currently using a transgenic mouse model with misexpressed VEGF to address the critical regulatory role of the CXC signaling axis in this process.