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It is not the first time a misfire takes place inside a police station leading to the injury or killing of a security personnel, most of the narratives ends up saying that the incidents were caused by cleaning weapons.
Some even developed the methods to use the model-based or sensor-based combustion chamber pressure to detect engine misfire [6].
Most likely, when you forded the Nile that night, you got water inside the distributor cap, and it's causing the misfire by creating a short circuit.
In order to break through the applied predicament, this paper proposes a distance measure of neutrosophic numbers and a similarity measure of neutrosophic numbers based on cosine function (so-called cosine similarity measure) for handling the misfire fault diagnosis problems of gasoline engines under neutrosophic number environment.
There have been plenty of good articles about what happened during the American indie film boom; Misfire tells the story from the perspective of the people that were part of the boom and experienced one of the worst episodes of the bust.
As for the hard primer supposition, try other brands of saboted hunting loads to see if the misfires continue.
It was a shame about the misfire because at one point I was only a few seconds behind the leaders.
The car started to misfire very badly on the fourth stage so we took a maximum and went back to service.
The most common reason for a misfire or cut out ( if the engine management light is off ( is the spark plug leads.
What would trigger such an immune misfire is unclear, but scientists suspect some combination of a person's genetics and exposure to pathogens.
The first XM8 tested fired 15,000 rounds without cleaning or lubrication, without a first misfire, said Col.
A MIDLAND MP yesterday called on the Government to issue the Royal Marines with US-made M16 rifles to replace 'faulty' weapons which misfire.