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Most likely, when you forded the Nile that night, you got water inside the distributor cap, and it's causing the misfire by creating a short circuit.
It was a shame about the misfire because at one point I was only a few seconds behind the leaders.
The car started to misfire very badly on the fourth stage so we took a maximum and went back to service.
Three trips to the dealer later and the misfire is still there.
The misfire, which occurred at a firing range that straddles the villages of Tenei and Nishigo in southern Fukushima Prefecture, is thought to have been the result of five ammunition sticks being loaded with the shell instead of two sticks, the GSDF said.
Make sure you do not clean spark plugs with a wire brush, since this loads the firing bore with metal particles, causing the engine to misfire.
And we know that whenever stress is applied to the brain, there is likely to be a misfire.
Federal officials alleged that Honda disabled the misfire monitoring device on 1.
Bob Stockhausen of Stoney's Garage used a Hotline Archive on a 2001 Nissan Altima with a misfire and commented: "Exact match for a problem car we had.
First time at the dealers, they couldn't make his Panda misfire but Chris did later although the dealer couldn't get the car to misbehave.
Kerry's meltdown in an initial, hastily called press conference -- in which he not only refused to apologize, but used the flap to attack Republicans -- only fanned the flame of his verbal misfire.