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"We misfired around the set-piece and in terms of some of our ball control in the first half.
Squadron Leader Dave Williams from RAF Valley said: "The four separate controlled demolitions will involve smoke flares which misfired during search and rescue operations.
TRIPOLI (TAP) - NATO defended the credibility of its air war in Libya after a bomb misfired killing civilians, as Libyan state media said the alliance had begun bombing highway traffic checkpoints.
Further, the primer can still detonate if you try to disassemble misfired rounds and punch out the 'bad' primer.
And there's no onboard digital display in the pilot or copilot area to detect a misfired flare.
Never try to pull a misfired charge from the muzzle.
She misfired badly when she presented a Sony award and tried to turn it into the Carol Vorderman show.
The victim was lying on the ground and only survived unscathed because the gun misfired, Scotland Yard said.
Debbie Martin, 42, from Liverpool, suffered severe burns to her back after she dived in front of the rocket, which had misfired during a back garden display.
On July 20, 1944, Colonel Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg, a Catholic, and three others carried a bomb into Hitler's bunker in East Prussia intending to kill him, but it misfired and Hitler escaped death.