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But corrosion or carbon or rough handling can quickly turn its launches into misfires.
Despite these misfires, what Newkirk aspires to is challenging and worthwhile, and if he can trust the referential possibilities (and limits) of his materials, exploring how personal concerns intersect with, and diverge from, sites of societal conflict, he may pr oduce something intellectually and visually unsettling.
This feature allows us to monitor emissions on a continual basis to alert the driver when excessive emissions may occur due to misfires.
She cited a CPSC report of around 400 injuries connected to the toys, which can cause strangulation or eye injury when the lasso misfires.
Although he gets the insistent house beats and fizzy synth noises right, Moby misfires on the melodies and anthemic elements that compelled ravers to put their hands in the air en masse.
This is done - at least on the evidence of one of the rare Louis Malle misfires, ``Crackers,'' and the new, Cleveland-set version ``Welcome to Collinwood'' - to illustrate for new generations precisely why a film with such a slim premise requires the highest quotients of charm and wit to possibly come off.
If Fisher misfires, he's confident Rick Fox and Horace Grant can pick up the slack.