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Figure 16 shows how the actual misfire detection indices (that is not normalized) look like in a specific speed-load zone, when misfires are generated in a fixed cylinder.
Because these are low-powered training rounds, misfires due to out-of-spec firing pin protrusion shouldn't be a safety problem.
Thinking the problem might be defective ammo, the owner tried firing the same rounds again with same misfire effect.
Make sure you do not clean spark plugs with a wire brush, since this loads the firing bore with metal particles, causing the engine to misfire.
When a beaver chomps on a cottonwood, however, that strategy misfires.
If all holes have fired properly and the blaster has no reason to suspect misfires, the workers can be called back into the area.
Messages from these misfires can add greatly to our planning, organizing, operating and controlling efficiency, but only if we recognize them.
Little-known sources of air pollution are misfires in a car's engine.
Our equipment has proven itself to be highly reliable in preventing misfires and other safety-related accidents and we are pleased that Lockheed Martin has once again selected our team to provide this critical and cost-effective mission system.
One year at the Indiana State IDPA championships, I experienced two misfires with factory ammo in a S&W tuned by another famous custom house.
I have a Winchester 62 A that misfires if any rearward pressure is put on the fore end slide.
To avoid misfires in the desert, make sure you clean your chaff/.