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"At first it was a bit of a light misfire and then it gradually got worse.
As you can see, this threshold fails to separate misfire events from normal firing events, because there are lots of misfires that are NOT detected (all generated misfire events are indicated by the red dots with non-zero values).
Because these are low-powered training rounds, misfires due to out-of-spec firing pin protrusion shouldn't be a safety problem.
Thinking the problem might be defective ammo, the owner tried firing the same rounds again with same misfire effect.
This has proven to be a good way to save fuel and make the engine more reliable by reducing or eliminating misfires and detonation.
Misfires are usually caused by an ignition fault and the ECU can need to be replaced.
The Religious Right first tried simply renaming creationism "the theory of abrupt appearance" and "evidence against evolution." But alter these misfires failed, they simply retooled their ideas, removed some of the more outrageously bad science and sent it out there, hoping some school district somewhere would take the bait.
He's infatuated with her on first sight and despite her penchant for bad company (John Hurt, Kyle MacLachlan), he seems happy to go along for the ride in this tiresomely offbeat British romantic thriller which misfires at every turn.
But these misfires did not obfuscate the importance of an underlying question.
If your engine misfires or starts hard even with new plugs, you may have "reversed polarity," meaning that the primary leads to your coil are switched and the current is flowing in the wrong direction for the best spark.
As with most multiartist affairs, Twentieth Century Blues: The Songs of Noel Coward misfires occasionally, but the delights far outnumber the duds.
When a beaver chomps on a cottonwood, however, that strategy misfires. `The bitter compounds in the tree's regrowing shoots attract a leaf-eating insect.