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These include Vardaman's "Cooked and et" and "My mother is a fish" (57, 66-67, 84, 101, 102, 195, 196); Cash's "It dont bother [me] none" (196, 207, 208, 239) and "It aint [on a] balance[d]" (96, 108, 144, 145, 165); and Anse's variations on such formulae as "No man so mislikes it" (19, 29, 30), "I dont begrudge her" (78, 117, 163), "Was there ere a such misfortunate man" (157, 163), and "I [or "We"] wouldn't be beholden" (19, 117, 206, 207).
For the group, the bracelet is worn to ward off evil intentions and misfortunate.
There are so many misfortunate children all over the world -- orphans or children of war.
I do not understand why the Legal Assistance Centre could not have been called (via cellphone or landline) for support with legal advice and assistance to the situation of Fortuna's misfortunate mother?
97, 113-15 (1998) (suggesting that conditioning compensation on evidence of bad brute luck forces the misfortunate to reveal shameful information about their lack of innate talent and abilities in order to "make out a convincing case that one is a failure," a self-awareness that is "demeaning and also undermining of self-respect").
Lotina, on the other side, claimed his team was misfortunate on the day: "At the beginning of the game we played well.
Thus, this emotion is felt when an event is misfortunate for another person and, for this very reason, is a source of pleasure to the person experiencing the emotion (Ortony, Clore, & Collins, 1988).
The problematic and misfortunate decision to recognize Taiwan had fatal consequences for this mission's fate because with the use of the right to veto by the People's Republic of China at the Security Council the mission ended in 1999.
I have either the fortune or misfortunate trait of heading toward the middle of any topic," he told me recently.
23), and later he explicitly advocates a welfare state, albeit a reformed one: "a safety net [only] for the misfortunate poor" rather than one that provides "lavish benefits for the [politically] powerful and the wealthy" (p.
There were significant public policy debates as the courts reconsidered liability; the legislatures weakened it; and people themselves sought to insulate themselves from misfortunate.
I expect that as you reflect on old age as an internment in prison you think this is a darkly misfortunate metaphor.