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But I will park my misgiving and give it two cheers, if not three, and hope it is something that swerves stereotype and shows off the North in all its glory.
He arrived, according to Bobby, in a panic of misgivings.
Dialects are part of the wonderful heritage of our country; I have misgivings about anyone who doesn't possess one, and decry those who try to force our children to disown what is rightfully theirs.
Election Act, 2017 misgivings have been expressed in the National Assembly and also reported in the media regarding the wording of the declarations by the candidate in the nomination form (Form A) attached with the Act.
Private letters written by Henry Wilde, who was the No2 to Captain Edward Smith on the infamous liner, reveal his misgivings about his posting to the ship.
As soon as Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader, although I had misgivings I decided and informed you that I would give him a fair chance.
To what degree do individuals who have misgivings about taking chances in relationships but go ahead anyway?
RSS Bhagwat Shah did not have qualms about Rahul attending the protest in JNU, but had misgivings about the slogans raised therein