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The scatological novel does not seem to see any possibility of redemption in the flat characters who misgovern the nation, but Ngugi manages to soften his infuriation by making the narrators and characters describing the leaders suspect of exaggerating and rumor-mongering.
Better we lose the election than mislead the people, and better we lose than misgovern the people" he said in 1952--and unlike other politicians who mouthed such sentiments, he believed it.
Only then will the idiots who misgovern us finally start to see sense and put this country and its people first.
Nkrumah captured the essence of this mission in the following two noble sayings: "We prefer independence with danger to servitude in tranquility;" and "It is better to govern and misgovern ourselves than to be governed by someone else.
But not just the fault of the men who misgovern you.