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By brazenly manipulating elections, "Putin managed to conceal his regime's deepest secret--namely, that rather than being misgoverned, Russia is governed very laxly if at all."
The reason for this is that Turkey has been misgoverned by Kemalist elites who would treat popular demands as threats.
Witherspoon was a native of Scotland, so he knew full well, even before he arrived in America, what it meant to be misgoverned from London.
The Nigerian president is now widely viewed as weak and indecisive, while the conservative faction of the People's Democratic Party in the north is understood to be part of the cabal that has misgoverned the country and looted its treasury since Nigerian independence in 1960.
Though Nigeria's current president, Goodluck Jonathan, comes from the eastern region of the country, Ejiogu claims that Nigeria remains 'in the tight grips of HausaFulani ruling elite', which is 'doomed to implode and perish with Nigeria as it is presently structured and misgoverned ...' (Ejiogu 2011:20).
If, as many Africans say, the continent has been misgoverned over the last 50 years, then the First Ladies cannot escape blame.
In 1897, the reform mayor drew an analogy between the causes of revolution and the social cleavage in late-nineteenth-century America: "Man without civilization, or civilized man neglected, misgoverned and oppressed, becomes an element of danger and destruction both to himself and to society.
Most of Afghanistan is actually governed or misgoverned by both smaller and larger organizations than that of Karzai's discredited government.
York reported that, upon proud Bolingbroke's and his captive Richard's entry into London, "rude misgoverned hands from windows' tops / Threw dust and rubbish on King Richard's head" (5.2.5-6).
(10) See, James Allan, 'Our Misgoverned Universities' (October 2008) Quadrant, 56-60.
"Men, as well as women do not need political rights in order that they may govern, but in order that they may not be misgoverned. The majority of male sex are, and will be all their lives, nothing else than labourers in corn fields or manufacturers, but this does not render the suffrage less desirable for them, nor their claim to it less irresistible, when not likely to make a bad use of it.
Much distrust endures, much remains unsettled, and many aboriginal people in British Columbia remain poor, undereducated, misgoverned and often embittered.