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Men, as well as women do not need political rights in order that they may govern, but in order that they may not be misgoverned.
Much distrust endures, much remains unsettled, and many aboriginal people in British Columbia remain poor, undereducated, misgoverned and often embittered.
Scarcely any one knows the precise government of any one; in no case has that government been described on authority; and the fall of one by grave misgovernment would be taken to show that the others might easily be misgoverned also.
It is an abuse of words to say that England is governed or misgoverned by her aristocracy.
Satan found it better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven; and the normal Asiatic would sooner be misgoverned by Asiatics than well governed by Europeans.
Americans are not your enemies, but only the enemies of those who misgoverned you and brought about this unnatural war.
The word "Talibanization" comes from Taliban, the fundamentalist Islamist movement that misgoverned Afghanistan for five years from 1996.
Most of its members are poor, misgoverned and confronted with the challenges of nation-building, democratic transition, delivery of basic services and goods and legitimization--all of which draw away attention and resources that could flow to the AU.
And in a country like Nepal, acknowledged even by its own elites as having been badly misgoverned, there is a strong temptation to embrace one-party development in exchange for the promise of economic growth.
3) Pasolini 'knew' that these politicians were guilty of having misgoverned the country for more than three decades and, therefore, that they were indirectly (perhaps directly) responsible for the terrorism that afflicted Italy in the 19708; that they continued to protect from prosecution the perpetrators of sundry right-wing attempts to overthrow the government; that they had allowed organized crime to operate in the Peninsula with impunity; and that they had closed their eyes to the deterioration of the natural environment.
Additionally, by resolving this issue, the Pakistani military may then be able to direct its energies to extending the government's authority to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and other parts of its domain that are ungoverned, undergoverned, or misgoverned.
Editor's Note: The Burmese government's refusal to permit an effective relief effort for cyclone victims reflects the fundamental nature of a regime that has misgoverned the country for nearly half a century.