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This is because of corruption, theft and systematic misgovernment.
Simonelli's article on Inferno 6 exemplifies the strength of the better close readings: the essay distills the essence of Dante's an d Ciacco's dialogue on Florentine misgovernment and makes its concerns compelling for contemporary readers.
In a statement issued by Kola Ologbondiyan, the National Publicity Secretary of the party in Abuja, PDP said, 'If anything, the ruling party was in Umuahia just to spit on the faces of suffering Nigerians as well as the graves of those that have died due to the hardship occasioned by the misgovernment of the APC in their nearly three years in office.
Scott reveals that contemporary literary works and mimetic texts "revived and then extended the concept's more expansive associations," by conflating classical luxuria, "a vice of misgovernment in which the feminine passions and bodily desires overwhelmed masculine reason and mental control," with English "luxurie" (i.
In it, Gorgolini outlines the critical moral, social, political, financial, and economic conditions which, aided by the ill effects of the Franceso Nitti and Giovanni Giolitti misgovernment, paved the way to a so-called 'restoration' that would purge, cleanse, strengthen and fortify the now-feeble government.
But it is true that Venezuela's current horror show is very much a product of two decades of left-wing misgovernment.
17) For many young job searchers, formal educational qualifications appear irrelevant: According to the World Bank, 30 percent of the unemployed in the Middle East and North Africa are university graduates, the victims of low quality education and a lack of relevant job skills, as well as insufficient private sector capital investment and persistent misgovernment.
Frank Johns, Guardianship Folly: The Misgovernment of Parens Patriae and the Forecast of its Crumbling Linkage to Unprotected Older Americans in the Twenty-First Century--A March of Folly?
I've now seen at first hand what a great job the Lords has been doing to stop the worst excesses of Tory misgovernment.
Rotten administration, misgovernment and the leadership crisis continues and integrationists, if they exist, are becoming weaker day by day.