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But more importantly, these events are so fundamental to the regime that any misguidance will put the party's survival at great risk.
The CRTA is collaborating with the Pedagogical Institute in an effort to instil active viewership in children, protecting them from sensationalism, misinformation or misguidance," he added.
The launch of this campaign anticipates benefiting a property seeker to a large extent without any hassle or misguidance.
The revelation-based (sam'i) evidence establishing that the method of the Salaf is correct lies in that denying it is an innovation (bid'a), which is reprehensible and misguidance (dalala).
Attempts to distinguish between shaytan and Iblis, by arguing that they play different roles or refer to different aspects of misguidance, are largely unconvincing.
177) Yet, it can be argued that doctors are provided with an opportunity to help consumers figure out any potential misguidance from an advertisement when a patient approaches them, without the expertise to comprehend the advertisement, and in fact the majority of doctors view these discussions with patients as constructive.
Sheikh al-Salmi addressed all Muslims, stressing that any humanitarian action that was not accompanied by relying on the Almighty and asking for His guidance is exposed to twofold defect: insisting on the invalid action and the walk ways of association and sedition, adding that deviation and misguidance are not caused by negligence of the devotion side of religion, but also by negligence of the Almighty's reward or performing it in wrong methods and then withhold mercy of heaven to descend and the blessings of the Earth to open up and that the way out of this is the commitment to Al-Siraat Al-Mustaqeem (the righteous path) based on the help and assistance of the Almighty by observing religious duties, prayers and anticipation of the Almighty's rewards.
They noted that they recall through the occasion of Al Israa Wal Miraj the history of the (Muslim) nation and its great message for which Allah had chosen the Prophet Mohammad (peace and prayers be upon him) to convey to all mankind to guide and rescue them from ignorance and misguidance and fulfill the true meanings of freedom and dignity.
Risk confusion' (38 per cent) pertains to internal misalignment with regard to risk terminologies or concepts and 'lack of clear vision' (35 per cent) pertains to misguidance in the overall risk management effort with some organisations executing risk management just for the sake of regulatory compliance.
He also urged the media to abstain from exaggeration and misguidance.
Meanwhile sources told that Prime Minister had expressed his anger over misguidance by Federal Health Secretary Nargis Sethi on the Young Doctors Issue.