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He describes the sciences and Western philosophy as "in part misguidance and in part trivia or superfluous." He says: Quite erroneously, I had imagined those philosophical sciences to be the source of progress and means of illumination.
They are elegant, with an ever-enriched vocabulary of postponement and misguidance. They sometimes wear dark shades to hide the bags under their eyes as they stay awake to protect the citizens' interests.
Therefore, we turned to perceive various forms of violence, extremism and rebellion, unjustified protests, deviation and intellectual and ideological misguidance.
"Are the embassies of these empires aware that empty statements like these that are lacking a sense of diplomacy, friendship and wisdom as well as lose credibility and engage in misguidance, distortion and fear mongering."
People are thus advised to use their own judgment and distinguish between guidance and misguidance in the light of reason.
They are the people of religious innovation and misguidance, those who abandon the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah and advocate other beliefs.
They are the first to stand up against extremism, terrorism, disord and misguidance, and are committed to coexistence, legality and the state.
Those who adopt this view are prone to confusion and susceptible to misguidance. There are indeed several verses in the Qur'an that establish a cause and effect relationship between virtue and vice on the one hand, and prosperity and ruin on the other.
Such is the deception of a certain mental activity and such is its misguidance.
The State has to track down the instigators of going to the regions of conflict and strife, since they are advocates of misguidance and division and incitement to disobey the ruler, and that one of the greatest sins.
Second, the axon overgrowth and misguidance phenotype in rpm-1 mutants can be suppressed by mutations in UNC5 (Netrin receptor) or SAX-3 (Nogo receptor), while localization of both GFP-tagged UNC-5 and SAX-3 receptors is altered in rpm-1 mutants [48].
In fact, they aim to cover up rather than disclose things, create ambiguity rather than clarity, and offer misguidance rather than guidance.