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New Delhi [India], Mar 9 ( ANI ): The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday said Pro-Khalistani terrorist Jaspal Atwal came to India on a valid visa citing that government has a conscious policy of outreach to Indian diaspora including misguided elements.
Speaking to journalists, they said that self-exiled Baloch leader, Barhamdagh Bugti misguided them.
Misguided because it fails to prioritise the safety of kids who may be at risk or might already enduring abuse.
When some misguided youth raise pro-Pak slogans and wave Pakistan flags, it is not a good thing.
Bishop's remark is misguided "CLIMATE Change is the most pressing moral issue in our world," said the Bishop of Salisbury on the day the Church of England announced it will sell all of its holdings in thermal coal and tar sands companies, two of the most polluting fossil fuels.
UKIP'S intelligent voters MR Weavill continues with his UKIP misguided voters theme in spite of over 400,000 voters from Yorkshire and Humberside - about 30% of the electorate - voting UKIP.
Summary: David Cameron defended the Duchess of Cambridge, describing comments about her by novelist Hilary Mantel as "completely misguided.
And neither can "increased attention to rehabilitate misguided individuals.
I also think that he has been very misguided in the way that he's dealt with Nick Clegg inasmuch as he forgets who the senior members of the coalition are and the Liberals are only there because of us," she said.
I remember back at a young age trying to decide what schools to apply to and how well-meaning but misguided people questioned whether someone with my background could succeed at an elite university," she said.
Summary: Riyadh, Jumada II 8, 1432, May 11, 2011, SPA -- The Security Spokesman at the Ministry of Interior announced that three Saudi nationals among those who have been misguided and drawn into hot beds of turmoil, have contacted security bodies, expressing their willingness to return home and to turn themselves.
Brazil's decision also drew fire from Democratic Representative Eliot Engel, who said it "is severely misguided and represents a last gasp by a Lula-led foreign policy which was already substantially off track.