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It is a heavy cross for a poor, misguided, and sinful woman to bear
It was my lot first of all to fall into pretty good company in London, which does not always happen to such loose and misguided young fellows as I then was; the devil generally not omitting to lay some snare for them very early; but it was not so with me.
With that, they stepped back again, keeping their faces towards the crowd; took each an arm of the misguided nobleman; drew him into the passage, and shut the door; which they directly locked and fastened on the inside.
The misguided young Barnacle evidently going blind on his eye- glass side, but ashamed to make any further alteration in his painful arrangements.
With his own hands he afterwards put on the dessert, as remarking to the three guests, 'The period has now arrived at which we can dispense with the assistance of those fellows who are not in our confidence,' and would have retired with complete dignity but for a daring action issuing from the misguided brain of the young man on liking.
Pickwick's indignation was excessive; but as silence was proclaimed at the moment, he contented himself by scorching the mob with a look of pity for their misguided minds, at which they laughed more boisterously than ever.
When Nell knew all about Mr Packlemerton, and could say it without faltering, Mrs Jarley passed on to the fat man, and then to the thin man, the tall man, the short man, the old lady who died of dancing at a hundred and thirty-two, the wild boy of the woods, the woman who poisoned fourteen families with pickled walnuts, and other historical characters and interesting but misguided individuals.
VW scandal shows Greens misguided FOR years the wind industry and the Greens have had the misguided obsession of telling us all to lower harmless carbon dioxide, yet totally ignoring the higher emissions of harmful and the very real health threatening nitrogen oxide gases.
That is an understandable aim - but utterly misguided.
The Home Minister said he feels pained to see the youth of the state, especially of Kashmir, being misguided.
Bishop's remark is misguided "CLIMATE Change is the most pressing moral issue in our world," said the Bishop of Salisbury on the day the Church of England announced it will sell all of its holdings in thermal coal and tar sands companies, two of the most polluting fossil fuels.
But either through a misguided sense of loyalty, or through fear they are not allowing us to find out what happened to Claudia.