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Either infantile, megalomaniacal, or both, Muehl seems misguidedly convinced that his excrement holds special power.
To insult those who ask questions of you because you misguidedly believe it's none of their business is not the way to protect something as traditional as horseracing in an information-hungry and impatient world.
Pros: The misguidedly ironic use of the word "modern" in the title might, under certain circumstances, be construed as amusing.
I always enjoy the reports by Monsignor Foy, who so ably defends Catholic morality, despite the efforts of the Canadian theological experts who held such sorry sway over Canadian bishops, when our pastors misguidedly issued their 1968 Winnipeg Statement.
residents (as Herndon's report shows), misguidedly believe that the Amazon can be subdued, a la the Panama Canal.
For many years some Mexican Americans have misguidedly resisted assimilation, and that has led to segregation, less education, and therefore less opportunity.
The movie counterpoints Stevens' pain as he takes collect calls from Zoe asking for money, and the pain he misguidedly inflicts on those who have lost children in the accident.
The Institute submits, however, that the proposal is seriously flawed because it would misguidedly and redundantly impose burdens on taxpayers.
Only two critics, La Garanderie in 1968 and Margolin in 1984, have tried to make sense of the work's "digressions," in my view misguidedly.
Media accounts of day-care centers tend to focus - misguidedly - on child abuse.
Ironically, this provision would hit hardest many of the very firms, members of the Business Roundtable, for instance, that have misguidedly endorsed the Cooper plan.
WASHINGTON -- Advocates from AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) today welcomed the news that the Hershey Company-funded Milton Hershey School has reached a settlement in an HIV discrimination lawsuit over its earlier decision to deny admission to an otherwise qualified student because he was HIV-positive, misguidedly calling him at that time a "direct threat to the health and safety of others.