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Biernacki argues that social scientists engage in a ritual process of coding, whereby they misguidedly transform scientifically gathered "facts" into sociological "ultimate meanings." The term ritual is used in a Durkheimian sense, describing a "distinct mode of communication and performance that reconfirms timeless models by which people can regenerate their social relations or professional roles" (p.
Misguidedly, politicians and journalists try to judge the success of secondary education by the number of Oxbridge offers.
The danger is that if people think that their legitimate concerns about immigration are not being addressed, they will turn misguidedly to the ghastly Nick Griffins of this world.
Lean, more popularly (and in my opinion, misguidedly) referred to as "Lean Manufacturing," has been getting a slow reception and even a bad rap in many commercial and industrial communities, and the print industry is not immune to this criticism.
England scraped a 17-12 victory in Rome with an uninspiring performance derided by virtually everyone except the then captain Steve Borthwick, who misguidedly hailed it as "fantastic."
He focuses on the role of the British Raj and then independent India in influencing issues, ideas, and individuals in Nepalese politics, arguing that India misguidedly maintained the British approach towards its small northern neighbor and examining prospects for the future as Nepal navigates its politics and foreign relations with a new post-monarchical and secular order.
The fundamentally decent Jimmy Carter misguidedly and naively imagined face-to-face encounters with fellow world leaders could generate entirely reasonable solutions based on mutual trust.
In particular, the retailer misguidedly emphasized the much-maligned Ionic Breeze air purifier.
The planners believed, misguidedly, that the highway would provide for future growth.
Either infantile, megalomaniacal, or both, Muehl seems misguidedly convinced that his excrement holds special power.
I always enjoy the reports by Monsignor Foy, who so ably defends Catholic morality, despite the efforts of the Canadian theological experts who held such sorry sway over Canadian bishops, when our pastors misguidedly issued their 1968 Winnipeg Statement.
Even today, a veneer of clip-on stone is (misguidedly) thought to redeem the most unprepossessing speculator's shell and core (a practice with which the Romans would have been familiar, as they used a thin revetment of stone to dignify notable structures).