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This is a ferociously funny satire of terrorism and its bungling misguidedness (they kidnap the wrong person; Gary refuses to buy bullets as a cost-saving measure)--which takes a sudden, horrific turn and ends in heart-stopping violence.
The fact that countless thousands of them struggled in vain, as best they could, to unlock nature's secrets, or that the efforts of such giants as Vesalius or Harvey did not bear practical fruit for hundreds of years, is not taken as a sign of the nobility and faith of the enterprise, but of its misguidedness, foolishness, or unimportance.
The ending of the Prologue crystallizes the issue: Antigone thinks her action will for all its apparent misguidedness ([GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) lead to glory even in death (95-7), while Ismene sees her as mindless ([GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) even though she is exhibiting proper philia to her philoi (98-9).
Not only are the animal-rights people considered annoying because of their boycotts and protests and extremely politically incorrect use of Holocaust and slavery references regarding the status of animals; they're considered antihuman, even monstrous, in their misguidedness.
You keep your cool without forgetting to announce the combination of abuse and insult and misguidedness on the part of those who watch the afterbirth gangrene because of false assumptions.
Charles Lamb (who of course wasn't a Victorian) is treated in earnest and an inability to look back earlier than 1750 and the ascribing of Paganini's virtuosity to demonic sources are seen as British rather than European misguidedness.
My question is: what, short of sheer misguidedness, should have produced in me, a professional reader, this jar between my present-day understanding of things and my intellectual upbringing?
Quixote's love for Dulcinea, and, by extension and analogy, sixteenth-century Spain's political dreams of power and place, founder on human weakness and error, on the misconceptions and misguidedness to which human nature is prone.
Comrade Whistler's amazing, if ludicrous, concert sums up the fragility of all, and the misguidedness futility of most, human hopes for betterment.
The apparent misguidedness of this sort of model casts doubt on Kirk's approach to the nature of conscious experience.
The misguidedness of the attack on the canon, in Guillory's analysis, is evident from its source: not the working class, but an unholy alliance between women and minorities, on the one hand, and the professional-managerial class, on the other, which has decided that literature is no longer useful.
But it decided to remain oblivious and continue on its path of tyranny and misguidedness," the paper said.