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(8) Recent studies of film adaptation have successfully demonstrated the futility or misguidedness of interrogating the relationship between a film adaptation and the original novel, emphasizing the difference in the narrative strategies of the two media, which constitutes their separateness in quality, achievement, and reception.
I believe that these high-rise blocks that are starting to clog up our skyline are destined to become empty monuments to the lack of understanding and misguidedness show by the city's burghers in their efforts to regenerate this city G Armstrong, Walton, Liverpool
extensive discussion of the misguidedness of the proposed requirement
(8) The frequency of such challenges surely made it more difficult for Havana officials and merchants to assert the misguidedness of fear.
Just misguidedness, like an otherwise repented crackhead lighting up after an emergency-level day.
The narrative builds to disclose the unhappy misguidedness of the artist's involvement.
Given the opinion's tremendous importance and its deep misguidedness, I would have felt better about him as a judge and as person had he had deeper convictions about the opinion he had signed, ones he had come to reconsider over time and with more experience.
This is a ferociously funny satire of terrorism and its bungling misguidedness (they kidnap the wrong person; Gary refuses to buy bullets as a cost-saving measure)--which takes a sudden, horrific turn and ends in heart-stopping violence.
The fact that countless thousands of them struggled in vain, as best they could, to unlock nature's secrets, or that the efforts of such giants as Vesalius or Harvey did not bear practical fruit for hundreds of years, is not taken as a sign of the nobility and faith of the enterprise, but of its misguidedness, foolishness, or unimportance.
In this lecture Spicer reminds us that poetry has always been threatened by the overpopularity of movements, individual star machines, the misappropriation of the academy, and general misguidedness; that to be a poet is an enormously difficult and absurd position to occupy; and that, finally, there is no better (or worse) time than the present to be a poet, when it couldn't be more inappropriate.
The ending of the Prologue crystallizes the issue: Antigone thinks her action will for all its apparent misguidedness ([GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) lead to glory even in death (95-7), while Ismene sees her as mindless ([GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) even though she is exhibiting proper philia to her philoi (98-9).[37]
Not only are the animal-rights people considered annoying because of their boycotts and protests and extremely politically incorrect use of Holocaust and slavery references regarding the status of animals; they're considered antihuman, even monstrous, in their misguidedness. (Hitler was a vegetarian, you know, and he adored his German shepherds.) An animal-rights activist is perceived to be the kind of person who would sneak into a school cafeteria and whisper to the innocent, impressionable children there, You know that sandwich Mommy packed for you?