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Cambridge Spies'' traces the men's various peregrinations, delineating both their motivations and their misgivings, admiring their brilliance and lamenting their misguidedness.
Given the opinion's tremendous importance and its deep misguidedness, I would have felt better about him as a judge and as person had he had deeper convictions about the opinion he had signed, ones he had come to reconsider over time and with more experience.
The fact that countless thousands of them struggled in vain, as best they could, to unlock nature's secrets, or that the efforts of such giants as Vesalius or Harvey did not bear practical fruit for hundreds of years, is not taken as a sign of the nobility and faith of the enterprise, but of its misguidedness, foolishness, or unimportance.
11) Usk's personal history of alleged political misguidedness and correction is first relayed obliquely in an allegorical mode.
You keep your cool without forgetting to announce the combination of abuse and insult and misguidedness on the part of those who watch the afterbirth gangrene because of false assumptions.
My question is: what, short of sheer misguidedness, should have produced in me, a professional reader, this jar between my present-day understanding of things and my intellectual upbringing?
Comrade Whistler's amazing, if ludicrous, concert sums up the fragility of all, and the misguidedness futility of most, human hopes for betterment.