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Meanwhile a young motorcyclist appeared from the Karnal Sher Khan Chowk side and he was mishandled by police.
95 mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers) and Envoy/American Eagle had the worst baggage handling rate (9.
In 2013 they accounted for 45% of all delayed bags, but this was an improvement on the 48% seen in 2012, and continued the downward trend seen over the past six years when they represented more than half of all mishandled baggage.
87 billion passengers, the industry achieved a reduction in mishandled bags to 25.
The industry trade organisation for US airlines Airlines for America (A4A) on Thursday reported that the best industry on-time performance and the lowest rate of mishandled bags were recorded for January this year.
A POLICE officer has been sacked over 141 mishandled 999 calls - including one from a woman 90 minutes after an alleged rape.
SITA, the leading air transport IT provider, in a move to reduce the delays of mishandled baggage, has enabled its baggage tracing service to be used by agents on mobile devices at airports.
Summary: Bank of Scotland customers whose complaints have been mishandled are to be compensated to the tune of Au17 million.
It has been confirmed that in potentially thousands of cases or more, the cemetery has miss-marked graves, misidentified and mishandled the remains of America's fallen heroes.
This was followed by mishandled baggage, where the number of complaints fell slightly to 532.
s Baggage Report shows that the amount of mishandled baggage, checked baggage that has been delayed and damaged or pilfered fell by over a fifth last year from 42.
This testimony discusses various issues affecting airline passengers, including airline-imposed fees, mishandled baggage, and the refundability of various government-imposed taxes and fees to passengers.