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The move, it was pointed out, was aimed at bringing all such bodies on one page in tackling with challenges in case of any natural calamities or mishaps.
History has demonstrated that trying to explain why we got two-thirds of the way through the fiscal year with only one class A flight mishap is just as difficult as trying to explain or connect the last three mishaps.
Total mishap cost associated with the foreign objects introduced to the engine area prior to taxi .
The police registered cases against the van and truck drivers who sped away after the mishaps.
As we wind down combat operations and return to a normal cycle of training and deployments; naval aviation is in danger of increasing mishaps of all classes.
The annual rate of driving mishaps was around 6 for diabetic drivers identified as being at high risk of future "driving mishaps" and who were randomized to the novel Internet intervention in addition to their routine care, compared with 3 for those at high risk who received usual care.
The study, Business Traveler Study 2014: The Cost of Mishaps, sponsored by AIG Travel and Travel Guard, surveyed more than 500 business travelers who had traveled and experienced at least one travel mishap while on a business trip in the past year.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 25, 2014--Study: even minor air travel mishaps hurt businesses
As I write this piece, we are currently at 15 Class A mishaps with one quarter remaining in FY14.
The Indian navy is grappling with series of mishaps in their submarines and warships.
AMHRS uses the DoD Human Factors and Analysis Classification System (HFACS), an enhanced method of analyzing, tracking and trending the human element in mishaps.
Johnson said the award recognizes the importance transparency and communications plays in reducing mishaps.