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states and one county for 1,523 individuals and found American Indian or Alaska Native race was misidentified 30 percent of the time.
We misidentified the home state due to an editing error.
mandrillaris have similar forms and cause subacute, prolonged clinical courses, they have been misidentified in histopathologic examination of brain tissue (4).
S42 of Recycling Today's Scrap Metals Supplement in the January issue, AirClic's CEO was misidentified as Tom Bradley.
89, November/December) misidentified the location of the cat Princess Pussums.
Surprisingly, the cover photo of a dahlia is misidentified as a columbine.
The ship is occasionally referred to as the Navy's 41st carrier, which it was not, and planes are often misidentified and terminology misused.
A caption on the photograph opening the September Education section on page 60 misidentified Jill Patterson as the winner of the ACDFA outstanding student choreographer award; the winner was Lindsay Shepherd.
Broken or misidentified links will be fixed or updated within minutes of discovery.
MDS CPA Review, a bronze sponsor of the 2004 ACAP-Ohio program, was misidentified in the May/June issue of Catalyst as Steven A.
The war images we see are not always documentary evidence of war's carnage; some famous images may well have been misidentified, and some photographers have even arranged and rearranged the dead like so many props.
The lost grape, found in 1994, had been thriving for generations in Chilean vineyards, misidentified as merlot.