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This comes mere days after fashion watchdog Diet Prada pointed out that Vogue had misidentified Tan Kheng Hua and Gemma Chan as Michelle Yeoh and Liv Lo, respectively.
It is not the first time that remains have been misidentified. In February last year, the CMP said it found that the remains returned to a family in 2009 belonged to the wrong person.
By restricting the minimum size of thornyheads to 18 cm for macroscopic determination of sex we reduced the number of fish with misidentified sex by approximately 65%.
rex relatives, have been misidentified as unique species, according to the researchers.
Having been shown pictures of the body with areas shaded, only 46.5% identified the heart correctly and 68.6% misidentified the position of the lungs.
Page 123: The American League pennant winner in 1924 is misidentified, and the number of games that the St.
While Rothstein believes NCLB has narrowed the curriculum, misidentified both failing and successful schools, and established irresponsible expectations for what schools can accomplish, he details a more effective accountability plan based on broader outcomes.
Our apologies to the fine folks at Mount Zion, Ridgetown, Ont., whose church we misidentified in our Most Beautiful Church advertisement in April.
But when Peter Rose, who at the time was a graduate student in geology at Southern Methodist University, began scrutinizing the fossils, he discovered that the bones of the ancient animal had been misidentified.
Although often misidentified as one of the 50 largest EMS companies in the world, TT's EMS unit had sales of 54 million pounds ($72 million) through the first half of 2008, an annualized run rate of about $ 144 million, well below the $200 million threshold to make the list.
A group photograph on page A-14 of the August issue of Risk & Insurance misidentified the order of the subjects.
Also, in captions that ran with a March 10 story on community college newspapers, Community College Week misidentified the name of the student newspaper at Cedar Valley College.