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It is not the first time that remains have been misidentified.
states and one county for 1,523 individuals and found American Indian or Alaska Native race was misidentified 30 percent of the time.
In an article written by Frank Paladino, president of Paladino Construction LLC, in the April 4 edition of Real Estate Weekly, Mr Paladino was misidentified in a photo.
According to the National HIV/AIDS Clinicians' Consultation Center, which was misidentified in the graphic, the categorization of California was not entirely accurate for cases in which physicians and surgeons (and those working under their authority) are the ones ordering or obtaining the test.
The cow is believed to have been misidentified as one born in May 1997 at a farm in Powys, mid Wales.
Edwards vehemently denies participating in the vile behavior that is alleged against him here, and steadfastly maintains that he has been misidentified and wrongly accused,'' Horvath argued.
the subhead misidentified a company the village corporation is working with.
O'Connell was misidentified as a former governor of Florida.
The fact is Jean Charles was misidentified as a terrorist and shot by police.
We misidentified the home state due to an editing error.
mandrillaris have similar forms and cause subacute, prolonged clinical courses, they have been misidentified in histopathologic examination of brain tissue (4).
S42 of Recycling Today's Scrap Metals Supplement in the January issue, AirClic's CEO was misidentified as Tom Bradley.