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The concept of a semantic attack, in which misinformation is deliberately seeded into a social network with the aim of affecting the behavior of the maximum number of people possible, has only recently emerged as a troubling concept that requires detailed study.
The agency does not intend to monitor companies' efforts to correct misinformation disseminated online, but suggests that companies keep good records on every instance of misinformation and corrective actions.
These powerful tools are just as useful to spread misinformation, consequences of perspective, bias or intentional misleading.
Professor Stephan Lewandowsky and his co-authors say it's possible to kill off misinformation, but hard.
The report also said that misinformation was so rampant that customers were getting inadequate coverage.
Collins, an attorney who created a website that debunks fallacies about the citizenship of President Obama, shows readers how to apply the tools of critical thinking to identify common features and trends in misinformation campaigns.
She demanded of the PTA to set up a call centre to stop misinformation and hate messages.
Such campaigns are deliberately designed to mislead members of the general public into lobbying against a badger cull, and I therefore hope the Assembly's rural affairs minister and her colleagues will stand up to such disgraceful campaigns of misinformation.
Their failure has enabled misinformation to proliferate.
I AM a "green fields campaigner" who is becoming increasingly concerned about the misinformation emanating over the Llanrumney proposals.
In "Satanic Purses: Money, Myth, And Misinformation In The War On Terror" he applies his extensive experience and expertise to debunk commonly held myths about how Islamic terrorist groups like Al Qaidah, Hamas, Hezbollah, and others finance their operations.
Americans are more likely now than they were in 2002 to say that Muslims' unfavorable views of the United States are based on what the United States has done, and less likely now than in 2002 to say that such attitudes are based on misinformation.