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I want you to withdraw the report that you had intended to lay before the House, on the ground that you have reasons to believe that the Commissioners have been prejudiced or misinformed, or something.
I have reasons now to believe that the Commission was prejudiced, or, at any rate, misinformed.
is misinformed when he supposes that the highly-gifted and beautiful Miss Snevellicci, nightly captivating all hearts at our pretty and commodious little theatre, is NOT the same lady to whom the young gentleman of immense fortune, residing within a hundred miles of the good city of York, lately made honourable proposals.
This documentary charts the reasons behind the sinking of the HMS Prince of Wales and the HMS Repulse, tragedies allegedly caused by misinformed cultural perceptions and a series of blunders by Winston Churchill's advisers.
Misinformed si Presidente doon,' Robredo told reporters in Iloilo.
Misinformed sources told us last week that the 19-year-old beauty made negative comments while shooting her Louis Vuitton campaign in France.
WITH regard to the letter from P Sass, Liverpool ECHO, November 1, it is obvious that the writer is misinformed or fails to understand local politics.
Either they are totally naive or have been misinformed.