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I have reasons now to believe that the Commission was prejudiced, or, at any rate, misinformed.
Even the Press, being human, may be sometimes mistaken or misinformed, and I rather think that I have in one or two rare instances observed its information to be not strictly accurate with reference to myself.
I believe, sir, you are misinformed, and my wife assures me of the contrary, and that they abhor it; perhaps, for any further relations, they may not be so exact as we are; but she tells me never in the near relationship you speak of.
itizen Khairullojon Mamatov, who, according to the US authorities, misinformed law enforcement officials investigating the attack in Boston in 2013, will be sentenced to two and a half years in prison, the Associated Press reported.
There is a tendency for well-intentioned but ultimately misinformed international human rights groups to make overreaching and over-arching decisions on a nation based on small sample studies and limited resources.
Manama: March 24 -- (BNA): Bahrain is taking part at the Third General Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in the Egyptian Endowments Ministry on the theme (The hazards of anathematizing ideologies and misinformed fatwa on national interest and international relations.
BARBARA Moore's scathing criticism of tweeters (Letters, Dec 9) is a joke, it is herself who is misinformed and prejudiced.
While Hazare alleged that his name was being misused by the m dmi Party ( P) in its election campaign without his permission, Kejriwal and his supporters maintained that Hazare had been misinformed on the issue by vested interests.
At a time when Wales, following the publishing of the state of nature report is mourning the catastrophic loss of natural open habitats, ancient woodland, wild flower meadows, rare nesting birds and pollinating insects, it seems ludicrous that this minority group of misinformed do- gooders are thwarting the restoration of natural wildlife rich habitat and fighting to save a non native conifer plantation
It is a defense to the crime of Failure by a Sexual Offender to Comply with Registration Requirements that (defendant) attempted to comply but was misinformed or otherwise prevented from complying by the office of the sheriff.
P }OF $\`6 \[BD fhdT hB VO@FPhR[DB Cheryl Cole: "I am actually dumbfounded reading your nasty bitter horrible incredibly inaccurate and misinformed is.
Cuba for the Misinformed presents fascinating tidbits bite-by-bite and grouped by general category, from snapshots of Cuban history to economics, to how Cubans prepare for hurricanes, to matters of tourism (although Americans are forbidden to visit Cuba, no other country makes the same prohibition), to natural ecology (Cuba is home to the world's smallest bird, the "bee hummingbird"), Cuba for the Misinformed is extraordinarily educational and enlightening.