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I solely hold PNB responsible for misinforming the agencies."
In the case of my Toronto parish, it would be better not to have an RCIA program at all, than to have an admitted schismatic misinforming an entire class on matters that attend to their salvation.
The militias are also misinforming the East Timorese refugees by telling them the situation in East Timor is ''getting worse,'' Stromberg said.
Reading his book, however, one comes away with the impression either than he's unintentionally misinforming the reader or that he's intentionally holding back information to produce a more palatable, popular result.
Violent Persuasions: The Politics and Imagery of Terrorism is a powerfully edited collection of pieces by theorists, artists, scholars, activists, and policy makers originally brought together in a symposium and art exhibition held in 1992 at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore to discuss the politics and imagery of America's favorite misinforming (and devastating) ruse: "terrorism." The volume succeeds in deftly combining art (from images by Mel Chin and Daniel Martinez to Chris Bratton and Annie Goldson's discussion of their four-part video documentary Counterterror) with essays and discussion of great theoretical insight and grace (exemplified by Maurice Berger's exploration of the intricate traumatizing effect of visual terrorism, which opens the anthology).
Physicians and nurses should read it so they can advise their patients that information is available to the layman, rather than misinforming them that "nothing is available."
However, he says that there are groups which are intentionally misinforming the general public and profiting from financial donations.
Air Cdre Adewole Ogunmodede, Instructor in the training, who took the participants on the topic 'Basic Rules and Conventional of Service Writing,' said that writing and speaking demand carefulness to avoid misinforming people.
PAC chief Bernard Allen accused the Department officials of misinforming Finance Minister Brian Lenihan about the deal.